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Networking Expert

Houston, Kuala Lumpur, London and Perth

Location: Houston, London, KL, or Perth

Reports to: System Architect

DUG is running some of the largest ethernet fabrics in the world along with many intercontinental high-bandwidth links.  The Network Expert will have overall responsibility for the smooth operation of these networks, along with the configuration of routers and firewalls.


  • NICs, switches, VPNs, drivers, IP, layer-3 routing — everything networking-related
  • Performance, reliability, security, management
  • Provide guidance on our external network infrastructure


  • Ability to diagnose and resolve complex internal network issues (to pick one example, an ARP storm)
  • Experience with the configuration and tuning of VPNs
  • Ability to diagnose and resolve external network issues (e.g. working with NOCs to get better routes, sorting out “slow” client connections)
  • Ability to tune Linux and non-Linux devices for optimal performance
  • Understanding layer-3 network configuration and management (e.g. BGP)
  • Low-level ability to configure switches


  • Experience with higher-level network protocols (e.g. ftp, NFS, rsync, ssh, bittorrent)
  • Experience with various network transport methods (e.g. UDP)
  • Experience with Mellanox switches and NICs

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