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Senior Administrator for Linux


Reports to: Global IT Manager

DUG has over 40,000 Linux systems and a need for strong Linux administration skills. The Senior Administrators will become part of the existing Linux team, who look after all Linux systems within DUG. They will possess a broad range of Linux skills as well as detailed knowledge of some specific areas.  Strong problem solvers, they also serve in the team of level-three support engineers tackling otherwise unresolvable customer issues.


  • Big-picture Linux topics, such as:
    • Linux distributions (maintaining current and evaluating future)
    • Boot / root images
    • Kernels and drivers
    • Deploying updates in a timely fashion
  • Improve system reliability, by improving our Linux issue tracking, resolution, and prevention
  • Define the OS requirements and procedures for running DUG software on customer equipment, and assist with those deployments
  • Serve as level-three support for otherwise unresolvable customer issues.


  • Very strong system-level problem solving
  • An expert in standard Linux commands and utilities, such as
    • ssh, rsync, ftp, tftp
    • bash
    • /proc and /sys tunables
    • strace, gdb, kdump
  • Ability to build the Linux kernel and other software from source
  • The tenacity and attention to detail to pursue a challenging, complex issue to its root cause.


  • Linux HPC
  • Experience with PXE booting
  • Experience with Bit-Torrent technologies.


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