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Senior Systems Programmer

Houston, London and Perth

Preferred location: London, UK
Secondary location: Houston, TX or Perth, AU
Remote work will be considered for truly exceptional candidates with a history of successful remote work.

This role combines software engineering and very strong Linux expertise to build scalable infrastructure for, and diagnose challenging problems in, large HPC systems.

Responsibilities include:

  • [> 50%] Implementing and maintaining software to improve the availability, scalability, maintainability, security, and performance of our HPC systems. For example:
    • Automated monitoring systems, which reduce the amount of human toil
    • Automated self-repair systems for simple / recurring issues
    • Properly-targeted alerting for truly urgent issues
    • Infrastructure such as file systems, job queueing systems, archival and multi-site synchronisation tools, etc.
    • Tools to help end-user geoscientists use and manage HPC resources
  • [< 50%] Helping troubleshoot the complete stack of hardware and software, when issues are escalated from IT technicians. Generally pursuing and fixing the root causes of hard system issues.
  • Being the company expert for one or more major IT subsystems (e.g. OS, Lustre, Slurm, networking, etc.)
  • Helping to develop procedures and tools for IT technicians
  • Participating in the on-call roster for urgent weekend issues
    • Provides a strong feedback loop for improving automation and properly-targeted alerting.

Requirements include:

  • Software development expertise in at least C/C++ and one or more scripting languages
  • Ability to diagnose complex Linux problems, and identify opportunities to improve
  • Ability to operate independently, with ownership and accountability
  • Familiarity with software collaboration tools such as revision control and issue tracking
  • Organisation and attention to detail
  • Excellent spoken and written English.

The ideal candidate would also have substantial experience with one or more of:

  • Linux kernel programming
  • Lustre file system internals
  • System automation frameworks
  • IT security.

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