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McCloud Technical Specialist


The McCloud Technical Specialist is a critical resource for introducing DUG McCloud to clients, understanding their technical needs, and helping understand how we can solve them.

This is a challenging role that combines three skill areas not usually found in a single person: high-performance computing, oil + gas geophysics, and robust client skills.

Of the two technical disciplines, this is more of an HPC than O&G role.  While the ideal candidate has some background in seismic processing and/or imaging, it can be peripheral.  It’s much more important that you’re very comfortable with IT / HPC concepts, because you’ll be called upon to discuss topics from networking to CPUs to file systems to job queueing systems.

This position is almost 100% client-facing, involving presentations and follow-up Q&A. These presentations combine HPC, cloud-type services, and modest geophysical topics.  Although it’s not a sales role, you’ll be working closely with the sales team and with clients in both a pre- and post-sales context.


  • Delivering technical presentations to prospective clients
  • Fielding random Q&A about all technical elements of the DUG McCloud offering
  • Collecting technical feedback from these discussions, and summarising them to senior management
  • Giving tours of the compute facility
  • Assisting with the general courtship (planning, demonstrations, evaluation) and onboarding of new customers
  • Working closely with the sales team to propose the best technical solutions for the customers’ needs


  • Sufficient experience in IT — ideally HPC — to learn and understand the details of how DUG McCloud operates
  • The ability to communicate that information clearly, including to people who don’t have a strong HPC background
  • Strong presentation skills, to groups of between 1 and 50 people
  • Strong technical writing skills
  • Excellent spoken and written business English
  • It is likely that travel, mostly within the region, will be required


  • Experience in seismic processing and/or imaging. Knowing at least the basic terminology and standard applications will be a big help in relating to your customers.

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