DUG McCloud

DUG McCloud is our customer-focussed, collaborative cloud solution that allows you to mix and match our high-performance compute as a service (HPCaaS), professional services, and software to suit your needs.

With DUG McCloud you can reach for the stars and expand your computational capacity whenever you need. You can package our high-performance compute (HPC) with your software, or use ours, and you can tailor the professional services you need to to get your project up and running, fast.

  • DUG McCloud is a genuine HPC cloud powered by DUG’s globally connected HPC offering.
  • DUG McCloud is a private cloud with a dramatically reduced attack surface.
  • Jobs are run on bare metal, not on virtual machines.
  • Huge data storage capacity and archiving.
  • AARNet connected to accelerate your research.

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  • Expert data loading, quality control (QC) and job management services available to get you up and running quickly and successfully.
  • Geoscience data analysis services available through DUG McCloud.

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  • We supply all necessary support to get your code up and running on DUG McCloud. Full software and algorithm support is available. We want to make you successful!
  • We offer multi-tiered code support including onboarding and optimisation of algorithms.
  • We can help you develop your code to maximise performance – we have teams of experts in physics, maths, and IT.
  • DUG Insight software for all scientific services is available through DUG McCloud.
  • DUG Insight’s seismic interpretation software package has full support from DUG McCloud. Users can store data and sessions in the cloud seamlessly, with on-demand access to compute.
  • DUG McCloud facilitates ease of access to DUG Insight management and support. No local (in-office) servers are required for DUG Insight users who choose this route.

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  • DUG McCloud data centres use our patented, award-winning green technology saving 51% of the power required in a traditional computer room.
  • Our Houston data centre was the winner in 2019 of the Enterprise Data Centre Design Award for its innovative, environmental design.

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