High-performance Computing

Super reliable high-performance computing as a service (HPCaaS) powered by some of the largest compute engines on Earth.
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Multi-tiered data and analysis services for the global technology and resources sectors.
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Scientific data analysis software, code support and algorithm development.
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DUG McCloud

McMix and McMatch the powerful solutions you need on our innovative cloud platform.
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Upcoming Events

SEG 2021

26 Sep - 01 Oct 2021, Denver

GEO 2020

04 - 07 Oct 2021, Bahrain

EAGE 2021

18 - 21 Oct 2021, Amsterdam

PETEX 2021

23 - 25 Nov 2021, London

The power
of teamwork

They say “Teamwork makes the dream work”. Corny but true! We see the power of Team DUG every single day. Wanna be part of it?

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