Our Partners

At DUG, we believe in driving customer success through partnerships.

To ensure you get the most out of our high performance computing (HPC) solutions, software and technical support,
we’ve established strategic partnerships with industry leaders and innovators that can
help you achieve your short- and long-term goals.

We’ve partnered with Altair, a global leader in simulation, data analytics and artificial intelligence, to enable Altair’s user-base to seamlessly leverage our purpose-built, cloud-based HPC environment. Our team of dedicated HPC experts delivers HPC solutions in accordance with Altair best practices, helping users establish optimised, scalable and reproducible workflows to solve complex engineering challenges.

Front Range Geosciences innovates in fundamental seismic data processing technology. Through our partnership with Front Range Geosciences, we now offer their industry-leading FLATIRONS software suite on our purpose-built, cloud-based HPC environment.

Gigabyte is a global manufacturer of computer hardware that provides us with compute servers that are immersion-cooling ready. Their innovative systems, capable of housing up to 8 GPUs in 2RU, coupled with our patented ‘DUG Cool’ immersion-cooling technology have enabled us to reduce the power consumption of our HPC by up to 51% for over a decade.

Intel is one of the iconic technology companies that kick-started the whole PC industry. We’re huge fans of their Xeon Phi platform and their NVMe storage that forms part of our VAST Data infrastructure. Partnering with Intel, we’ve built our Houston ‘Bubba’ supercomputer and we continue to work with them to ensure their hardware is at peak performance in our DUG Cool system.

We partnered with NVIDIA to develop a Multi-Host NIC that links all our compute servers with a high-bandwidth, low latency fat-tree ethernet network. We were also a pre-release partner for NVIDIA’s A100 GPUs and we continue to work with them on immersion cooling to provide their powerful GPU acceleration as part of our HPC offering.

The Open Group’s Open Subsurface Data Universe Forum delivers a data platform for the energy industry that stimulates innovation, industrialises data management and reduces time to market for new solutions. Through this partnership, our technology experts are able to further integrate our proprietary, full-featured visualisation and interpretation package, DUG Insight, with complementary leading geophysical software. Read our blog about joining the OSDU Forum here.

Server technology specialists Supermicro were right there with us when we built our first water-cooled cluster, placed in the kitchen of our HPC facility back in 2007! We’ve also partnered with them in our first immersion-cooling set-up and worked with them on their immersion-cooling product lineup. We continue to use their quality equipment with the latest Intel, AMD and NVIDIA hardware.

VAST Data’s Universal Storage aims to end complex storage tiering and unlock the ability to use flash drives across the enterprise. Our partnership with VAST Data provides us with the capacity, performance, and reliability to phase out hard-drisk drives, move beyond complex HPC file-storage technology, and provide a first-in-class experience for customers in the Oil & Gas industry and beyond. See how it can work for you here.