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From seismic attributes, filtering and smoothing, to spectral decomposition, RGB blending and velocity modelling, the Explorationist module includes everything you need to take your interpretation to the next level.

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Image Gather Processing

The Image Gather Processing module provides an indispensable toolkit for analysing and processing image gathers. Includes essential tools such as velocity and RMO picking, NMO and RMO correction, gains, muting, stacking, Radon, Tau-P and FX transforms and more.

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Gather Attributes

The Gather Attributes module enables interactive AVA and AVO analysis of gathers and stacks, from calculating intercept and gradient to AVA stack rotations (EEI equivalent).

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Pore Pressure Prediction

The Pore Pressure Prediction module adds a complete workflow for interactive geopressure analysis, including prediction at wells and full 3D pressure models.

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Rock provides a powerful, intuitive workflow for interactive depth-dependent end-member lithology trend interpretation and stochastic forward modelling.

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The Lithofluids module utilises a Bayesian supervised classification scheme to make quantitative predictions based upon inverted seismic data and depth-dependent, statistical rock physics models.

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Data Manager

The Data Manager module includes DUG’s powerful gather compression, packing your data ten times smaller with no appreciable loss in quality! The module also extends Insight’s project management tools with powerful synchronisation and project-to-project copying features.

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Kingdom Reader

Ready to switch to DUG Insight, but confronted with years of data stored in IHS Kingdom* projects? Insight’s Kingdom Reader will save you from the tedium of data migration.

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Petrel Link

Already have the Petrel*E&P software platform? Now you can take advantage of DUG Insight’s intuitive interpretation platform and advanced visualisation, using your data directly from Petrel.

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