From seismic attributes, filtering and smoothing, to spectral decomposition, RGB blending and velocity modeling, the Explorationist module includes everything you need to take your interpretation to the next level.

  • Spectral decomposition
  • Instantaneous attributes
  • RGB blending
  • Automated multi-horizon propagator
  • Incoherence
  • Volumetrics
  • 3D dip and azimuth
  • Velocity modelling (from checkshots)
  • Structurally-oriented filtering
  • Low-frequency model building
  • Stacking of gathers
  • Volume merge
  • Angle and offset muting of gathers
  • Volume sculpting
  • AGC and other gains (for stacks)
  • Volume smoothing
  • Band-pass filtering (for stacks)
  • Volume integration
  • Geobody detection
  • Volume interpolation + extrapolation

The Explorationist module for DUG Insight adds a wealth of additional features and displays for advanced data visualisation and processing.


Tired of paying your processing company thousands of dollars for extra stacks? Create your own in real-time, using hand-picked or angle mutes.

Stack Attributes

Explorationist includes these attributes, with more added with each major update:

  • dips: create and visualise a dip field from any seismic volume
  • incoherence and edges: two measures of discontinuity, both based on dip fields
  • instantaneous amplitude, frequency, and phase
  • sweetness

Structurally-oriented filtering

A dip-aware filter that enhances strong, continuous events and removes incoherent noise.

Spectral Decomposition

Not only can you perform spectral decomposition in real time, but you can take advantage of Insight’s unique spec decomp views, showing the complete frequency response at a given location.

Exactly as with offset gathers, it’s easy to view a common-frequency volume at any location — even a map slice, or horizon amplitude extraction!

Velocity Modelling

Create structurally-consistent velocity models from your horizons and well checkshots — then use them to perform instant time/depth conversion of any data type.

Multi-horizon Picking

You’re no longer limited to using Insight’s incredible horizon propagator on one surface at a time — now you can pick an entire volume full of horizons at once.

The multi-horizon propagator allows you to select part of all of a seismic volume, specify a minimum size and spacing, then have Insight automatically propagate the n best horizons that it can find.

Geological Cross-sections

Create custom geological cross-sections, with your choice of wells, curves, tops, lithology colours, and patterns,

Body Detection

Create 3D bodies and calculate gross rock volume from appropriate volume data using an amplitude cut-off, minimum body size, and user-defined neighbour behaviour.

Volume Sculpting

Create new volumes that are constrained between a top and/or bottom horizon.

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