DUG Cool

Industrial immersion cooling, at any scale.

DUG Cool is the industrial immersion-cooling solution developed by an operator, for operators. Grounded in simplicity, it provides everything you need and nothing you don’t—for today and tomorrow.


Future-proof cooling for next-gen HPC.
That’s pretty cool. DUG Cool.

Proven performance

The patented DUG Cool design has been refined through production use for over a decade. As the enabling technology in DUG’s data centres, some of the largest and greenest immersion-cooled facilities in the world, it delivers proven scalability and return on investment.

Solving the cooling challenges of modern, power-hungry CPUs and GPUs requires robust efficiency. DUG Cool reduces power and water usage, while increasing hardware performance, density and lifespan.

Future-proof cooling

Cool the power-hungry CPUs and GPUs of today, and tomorrow, without breaking a sweat. Proven compatibility with commercial servers and all leading OEMs and chip designers.

Less consumption

By eliminating refrigerated cooling and fans, DUG Cool reduces power consumption by up to 51%, compared to a traditional air-cooled data centre. Water usage is also reduced by up to 25%.

Low maintenance

DUG Cool creates a thermally stable environment without hot spots, dust or oxidation—this means fewer failures and less downtime.

A combined energy cost savings of up to 51% mean that we are able to build one of the largest supercomputing systems in the world with one of the lowest PUE ratings.

Sustainable and safe

DUG Cool uses a dielectric fluid that is non-flammable, non-conductive and biodegradable. It also uses 85% less synthetic refrigerants.

Orange is the new green. Find out more.

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