DUG’s high-resolution processing and imaging reveals new insights into the Midland Basin.

We are thrilled to share that our high-end processing and imaging of a high trace density (HTD) seismic survey in the Midland Basin has provided a step-change in seismic imaging and associated attribu...

DUG turbocharges bioinformatics research at The University of Sydney.

Deep-learning delivers exciting data-processing developments.

Green hydrogen fuels climate-positive data-centre plans in WA.

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What would you do if the sky’s the limit for energy?

Energy is probably one of the biggest constraints to fulfilling humanity’s bottomless imagination. If you think about it… from our perspective as human beings, there’s essentially endless energy...

Choosing the right cloud-computing provider – the ingredients for success.

I survived Data Science Week!

Emissions Possible?

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On the hunt for killer asteroids.

NASA is ramping up their planetary defence – this time they have greenlit an infrared space telescope that hunts for asteroids! The rock hunter, called the Near-Earth Object (NEO) Surveyor, is c...

Time is of the essence in quantum computing.

What is dark matter and why does it matter?

Don’t get offended by this Aussie duck!

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