Multi-vintage, multi-survey model-building with FWI

A JV project between TGS and DUG, the “Peninsular Malaysia Mega Merge 3D” involves 39 different surveys (including 3 OBC surveys). With data vintages from 1989 to 2014 the combined area is over 17...

Swell-noise attenuation with artificial intelligence

Equinor renews contract for processing and imaging technology

Do your gathers hang low, do they wobble to and fro?

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Endless possibilities with expertly-supported high performance computing

High performance computing (HPC) utilises tens of thousands of individual systems, operating as a single unit to perform complex calculations of a magnitude that would otherwise be unattainable. In to...

Engineering tomorrow’s world with advanced HPC

Reducing emissions with efficient data management

Tailored HPC support is in DUG’s DNA

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All about DUG

Reliable HPC We are proud to design, own, and operate a network of some of the largest and greenest supercomputing installations in the world. We specialise in analytical software development and reli...

What do wheat and supercomputers have in common?

Engineering better solutions

A bird’s-eye view

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