Hydrogen lights a green path for WA.

Today, many of us take electricity for granted. With the flick of a switch, lights go on. The refrigerator preserves our food at a regulated temperature, 24/7. We turn a dial, and the ceiling fan cool...

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Meet DUG’s Chief Security Officer: Bryce Solomon.

We’re excited to announce that DUG’s security is getting a major shot in the arm with the appointment of Bryce Solomon as the new Chief Security Officer! Mr Solomon will spearhead the overall secu...

DUG Insight: Splice log curves.

Congratulations Mike Hartley for a successful plunge for charity!

Perth Astrofest 2021: An astronomy festival of epic proportions.

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Silver linings around the dark pandemic cloud.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused significant disruption, distress and loss of life around the world. Despite the onslaught of bad news we frequently receive, there has been a myriad of positive news t...

What would you do if the sky’s the limit for energy?

Choosing the right cloud-computing provider – the ingredients for success.

I survived Data Science Week!

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QuEra Computing emerges with 256-qubit quantum simulator.

Emerging from stealth mode is the fledgling quantum tech company QuEra Computing, who was recently granted $17 million in funding from investors such as Japanese fintech company Rakuten and the Defenc...

New hydrogen storage material underpinned by nanotechnology.

Nvidia: AI, take the wheel.

Apollo-era lunar samples reveal the Moon was once magnetic.

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