Register now for EAGE workshop on Quantitative Geoscience as a Catalyst in a Carbon Neutral World.

Register here for the EAGE Workshop on Quantitative Geoscience as a Catalyst in a Carbon Neutral World, 31 May–1 June. This workshop will showcase workflows and innovations in quantitative geoscienc...

Meet DUG’s Chief Commercial Officer: Colin La Galia.

DUG Wave Full Waveform Inversion—Frequently Asked Questions.

Register now for ASEG virtual Tech Talk on Multi-parameter FWI Imaging.

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Are you getting the most out of your cloud service provider?

The face of modern-day computing has seen a dramatic change since the advent of the cloud, which in recent times has been accelerated by the rapid transition to remote work. This has catalysed digital...

Prevent your cloud from becoming a security storm.

The cloud is not always greener on the other side.

Level-up your small talk game with The Daily DUG!

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Predicting earthquakes may soon be possible with machine learning.

Earthquake prediction has been the long-sought Holy Grail of seismology—the branch of science associated with earthquakes and related phenomena. For a long time, scientists have been pouring a lot o...

The ISS is falling down, falling down, falling down.

Galileo Project: the search for extraterrestrial visitors to our solar system.

Of water bears and quantum weirdness.

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