Support Mike Hartley’s 52 floor plunge for charity!

DUG has been a proud partner of children’s charity, 12 Buckets for many years. 12 Buckets is a grass roots, Perth-based charity striving to equip disadvantaged primary-aged students in need of m...

High-performance computing evolution advances medical research into major diseases.

HPC Hour: Disruptive Innovation – what makes sense for Australia’s space industry?

DUG Insight: Managing seismic traces with varying start times.

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I survived Data Science Week!

Now that Data Science Week 2021 is done and dusted, what did I learn? Well, I am always amazed at the research and industrial applications of technology that occur in WA.  Some of the highlights for ...

Emissions Possible?

NVIDIA’s new CPU, DPU and what it means to U.

What happens when supercomputers die?

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Plastic rain is the new acid rain.

Plastic pollution is an urgent and global problem. Most of the environmental attention to date has been focussed on household and packaging waste. But scientists have found that tiny fragments known a...

Malaria soon no longer a malady.

Google aims for practical quantum computing within a decade.

Making space for what really matters.

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