DUG showcases latest technologies at APGCE 2022 KL

The Asia Petroleum Geoscience Conference and Exhibition (APGCE) 2022 opens on 28 November in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. If you’re attending, be sure to come meet us at booth 50! Learn more about our po...

DUG joins AusBiotech 2022 Conference Programme

Deep-learning research delivers step-change in seismic swell noise attenuation

Enabling powerful bioinformatics with Nextstrain with high performance computing

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Reimagining data centres for a sustainable future

The face of modern-day computing has seen a dramatic change since the advent of the cloud, which in recent times has been accelerated by the rapid transition to remote work spurred by the Covid-19 pan...

Are you getting the most from your cloud provider?

Sovereign capability and big data

Evolution in high-performance computing advances medical research into major diseases

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Smarter wheat-monitoring with artificial intelligence

By 2050, the global population is projected to soar to 9.8 billion. The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation estimates that farmers will have to increase agricultural production by 70% to ...

Historic first picture of the black hole at the heart of our galaxy.

High-performance computing advances research to develop tuberculosis vaccine.

James Webb Space Telescope unveils dazzling first images of the universe.

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