DUG Insight: Simple structured model tool for geomodelling.

Add a new tool to your modelling toolkit!  DUG-Insight’s new simple structured model tool has the flexibility to build quick stratigraphic overlay sequences, velocity models and low-frequency model...

Introducing our newest #TeamDUG member.

HPC Hour – Deep Learning in Geosciences: Applications and Trends.

Supercomputing partnership to turbocharge Australian research and green innovation.

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NVIDIA’s new CPU, DPU and what it means to U.

NVIDIA made a slew of announcements at its GTC (GPU Technology Conference) , most notably that it is entering the CPU business with an Arm-based CPU (called Grace in honor of the famous American progr...

What happens when supercomputers die?

Intel steers the ship on the right course once more.

The world’s first room-temperature quantum computer brings the future a step closer.

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Mars helicopter fanning human ingenuity.

NASA’s remote-control game is out of this world. Literally. The above black-and-white picture might come across as something plain and simple. But it exudes so much more than that. It’s innovation...

Earth day spotlight: restoring Earth with green technologies.

What happens when scientists get into monkey business?

Are humans the real aliens?

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