Tailored HPC support is in DUG’s DNA

Tailored HPC support is in DUG’s DNA

Just as an architectural plan can shape a beautiful skyscraper, a genome provides the complete set of DNA instructions for building and directing the processes of life. Bioinformatics is a multidisciplinary science that harnesses the power of modern computers to understand complex biological systems, like the human body. Such integrative approaches are helping us understand life’s genetic basis and driving the development of targeted treatments for various diseases.

As the volume and complexity of data increases, and as more types of biological information are combined as part of custom analyses, the computer-science demands of computational biology are also increasing. A well-supported high performance computing (HPC) environment is now a critical part of the solution. WA-headquartered DUG Technology’s (DUG) HPC Cloud combines powerful, bare-metal compute and storage with expert service to provide clients with the power and support infrastructure needed to accelerate and scale their research initiatives.

Unlocking new solutions for neurodegenerative diseases

Biotechnology company GenieUs Genomics (GenieUs) has developed a novel bioinformatic tool for whole-genome sequencing and the integrated analyses of various types of biological data. The process involves mapping patterns and deciphering inter-relationships between billions of pieces of information per person, requiring significant computation, intuitive visualisation and careful analysis. By understanding what is happening at a molecular level, and how this is unique to each individual, GenieUs is opening doors for streamlined therapeutic solutions and bespoke treatments for neurodegenerative diseases such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). However, faced with large datasets and lengthy processing times, they sought to improve the performance of their workflows to accelerate their research.

GenieUs engaged DUG to provide its tailored HPC expertise and workflow-optimisation support. DUG’s HPC Experts enabled compute nodes and storage to be allocated as demand required, as well as crafting a compliant environment that supported continuous integration with GenieUs’ software. This helped GenieUs researchers identify how to optimise the resources for their specific needs. With substantial performance improvements and reductions in memory consumption, they were able to process significantly more genomic samples in a shorter time frame—with some parts of the workflow up to 60 times faster!

Better healthcare for Indigenous Australians

Computational biologists at Indigenous Genomics (IG) at the Telethon Kids Institute are developing targeted healthcare solutions for Indigenous Australians. Their research involves analysing a range of large, complex and sensitive datasets using custom bioinformatics workflows. They appreciated that configuring an HPC environment with respect to software, scalability, and data pipelines is a time-consuming task that can detract from research progress. Additionally, their clinical applications need timely results and require data to be processed immediately.

The IG research group turned to DUG for an HPC cloud solution that would ensure secure data management, accelerate processing, and facilitate collaboration with research partners. DUG’s HPC Experts optimised their workflows, enabling them to scale with DUG HPC Cloud.

DUG’s customised HPC solution delivered efficiency, security, and privacy, allowing the IG group to process 1287 whole genomes in 140 hours—a task that was previously taking many weeks to complete. With these results the IG researchers are investigating how the genetic architecture of Indigenous Australians relates to the incidence of type-2 diabetes—driving advancements in precision medicine, novel treatments to curb disease progression, and improved healthcare outcomes for the community.

Tailored, energy-efficient, HPC solutions

The need for well-supported HPC cloud services extends far beyond genomics, and is growing in a wide range of industries. Whether it’s delving into the earliest moments of our universe or powering Earth-observation applications to improve agricultural productivity and sustainability, more and more organisations are relying on HPC to enhance their business efficiency and facilitate groundbreaking scientific research.

DUG HPC Cloud provides comprehensive services not commonly available in large public or private clouds. This includes bare-metal compute hardware and high-speed networks with low latency. DUG’s innovative High Performance Storage transforms how DUG’s clients interact with data, regardless of size or access needs.

In today’s competitive landscape, DUG understands the importance of tailored and well-supported HPC solutions, which require the consideration and management of many interrelated factors. From code onboarding and data access to software optimisation and cluster configuration, DUG’s HPC Experts address each client’s unique needs and challenges, allowing them to focus on their priorities.

As data continues to grow exponentially, organisations need advanced HPC cloud solutions that are not only efficient but also environmentally sustainable. DUG’s patented, award-winning, immersion-cooling technology, DUG Cool, reduces the power consumption of its HPC Cloud platform by up to 51%, translating into cost savings that directly benefit clients.

Tailored solutions are in DUG’s DNA. With a commitment to innovation, sustainability, and client success, DUG is dedicated to providing the HPC resources and support needed to stay ahead in today’s data-driven world.

To optimise your workflows and harness the power of HPC, reach out to DUG at [email protected].

By Mitchell Lim

Mitchell Lim is DUG's Scientific Content Architect. With a PhD in Chemical Engineering, Mitch is an expert in the fields of catalysis and ultrasonics. Full-time science geek, part-time fitness junkie, Mitch strives to deliver effective and engaging science communication, as he believes that easily digestible scientific perspectives have the potential to impact and benefit society at large.

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