Software and Algorithm Support

Our goal is to make you successful on our HPC.

We know that getting started on a new platform can be a challenge. Our experts can help you get your software running and optimise it for our environment. We have years of experience optimising our own software to maximise performance. Here’s what we can do to take your software to the next level.

Code onboarding

  • System, I/O and network optimisation
  • Vectorisation (Single-core parallelism)
  • Multi-processing (Multi-core parallelism)
  • MPI (Multi-node parallelism)

Software development

  • We are happy to take pseudocode or proof-of-concept code and rewrite.
  • Hardware-specific for CPUs, GPUs or KNLs
  • Domain Specific Languages (DSLs)

Algorithm development

  • We have world-class research physicists, mathematicians and software engineers on staff.
  • We are continually developing cutting-edge algorithms.
  • We have ongoing research partnerships with some of the world’s top universities.

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