High Performance Computing

Super reliable, on-demand, high performance computing as a service (HPCaaS) powered by some of the largest compute engines on Earth.

Why choose DUG HPCaaS?

We don’t just supply you with world-class, powerful compute. We support you throughout the entire journey to make certain your project is successful.

  • Integrated high performance compute (HPC), storage, software, services.
  • High bandwidth, low latency network.
  • Huge data storage capacity and archiving.
  • Dedicated nodes, no virtualisation.
  • Award-winning green technology.

Complete HPCaaS environment.
Ready to go when you are!

We’ll get you running fast. No need to set up your own systems for job queuing, file sharing or security. We enable the HPC, leaving you to focus on the science.

  • Job scheduling – Your job is queued, submitted, and managed throughout its cycle on the cluster.
  • High-performance file system – VAST SSD solution.
  • Custom monitoring system – monitors dozens of system properties and automatically addresses many maladies, including black-hole mitigation.
  • Rolling maintenance – We never hit you with whole-system downtime.

Security is our highest priority.

We know security is your number one concern, that’s why we ensure you genuinely stay in control of your data at all times.

  • Private cloud – DUG HPC is accessed via a private cloud with a reduced attack surface.
  • No public access – all customers connect via individually-issued, heavily firewalled VPN accounts.
  • Bare metal – no virtualisation, only one customer is ever using any single piece of hardware at a time.

We tailor the compute package that works best for you.

We can customise the best HPC solution for your needs. We run and offer all these machines as standard.

  • CPU
  • GPU
  • KNL
  • All systems are on a 10+ Gbit high-speed Ethernet fabric.

We are experts in ‘big data’ storage.

Our experience in processing and imaging seismic data means our storage systems have been created to manage some of the largest datasets in the world. We offer HPC storage and online archive products.

  • Our VAST SSD storage architecture is designed specifically for flash, eliminating many of the compromises in systems designed for spinning disks.
  • This all-flash system offers unmatched bandwidth, IOPS, reliability and efficiency.
  • Our online archive storage system stores massive amounts of data while keeping it fully on-line and readily available.
  • We offer online archive, data retrieval within 2 hours and deep archive, data retrieval within 24 hours.

We offer full data support to load your data, QC, and manage your project through its full cycle.

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Our team of experts will optimise your software and tune it for our environment. We can help you take your software to the next level.

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We design, build, and run all our data centres using our patented, award-winning, green technology.

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