Ocean Bottom Seismic

Superior algorithms, superior imaging. Ocean bottom seismic (OBS) surveys are well-sampled, information-rich datasets that enable better geophysics and provide fresh insights about the subsurface. Our combination of industry-leading OBS processing algorithms, massive HPC capacity and highly-experienced geophysicists deliver exceptional results, fast.

  • Automated correction — receiver location & orientation, vector fidelity, polarity, source shift, clock-drift
  • DUG Deblend — multi-component inversion-based deblending of shot records including seismic interference (exclusive to DUG)
  • Regularisation — multi-dimensional shot-carpet regularisation 
  • Vz denoise — patent-pending approach employing joint sparsity recovery 
  • P-Z calibration techniques 
  • Wavefield separation 
  • Up/down deconvolution — 3D designature, deghosting & multiple attenuation
  • Down/down deconvolution — 3D designature, deghosting & multiple attenuation applied to the down-going wavefield (exclusive to DUG)
  • Rich-azimuth tools including COV processing & tilted orthorhombic tomography & migration 
  • Mirror migration
  • MP-FWI Imaging

Up/down deconvolution using the upgoing wavefield (left) compared to down/down deconvolution using the down-going wavefield (right). The down-going wavefield can significantly improve near-surface imaging when processed with DUG’s exclusive down/down deconvolution algorithm. (Data courtesy of Carbon Transition and TGS)

Ocean bottom geophone data are often contaminated by shear-like noise (“Vz noise”). DUG’s (patent-pending) algorithm applies a distributed compressive sensing approach called joint sparsity recovery to P and Z data to perform up/down wavefield separation and isolation of the Vz noise. (Data courtesy of Carbon Transition and TGS)

A comprehensive workflow

Highly efficient multi-vessel, multi-source OBS surveys are now a tried and tested reality thanks to DUG Deblend. Eliminate troublesome Vz noise with our patent-pending joint sparsity recovery approach. Harness the power of up/down deconvolution and, exclusively to DUG, down/down deconvolution to apply 3D deghosting, designature and demultiple in a single step to produce superior images with the down-going wavefield. Reap the benefits of rich azimuthal information with our advanced imaging algorithms, including Multi-parameter FWI.

Superior algorithms, superior imaging. Let’s talk.

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