Kingdom Reader

Ready to switch to DUG Insight, but confronted with years of data stored in IHS Kingdom* projects? Insight’s Kingdom Reader will save you from the tedium of data migration.

  • View in / copy to DUG Insight
  • Wells
  • Faults
  • Grids and horizons
  • 3D volumes
  • 2D volumes

Seamless Data

Forget complex middleware with inscrutable interfaces; opening most Kingdom projects is literally as simple as selecting the directory and clicking Connect.

Then choose from any of your surveys, grids, horizons, faults, and wells – they’ll appear instantly in your Insight project. Data is fetched from the Kingdom project on-demand, or you can make one-click copies in your Insight project.

Insight remembers where the data came from, so if changes are later made in Kingdom, they can be quickly synchronised to Insight.


The Kingdom Reader for DUG Insight supports Microsoft Access and SQL projects made by Kingdom 8.2 or newer. The reader will work on Windows, Linux, or Mac OS X and does not require the Kingdom software or a Kingdom licence.

* Kingdom is a mark of IHS

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