Rock provides a powerful, intuitive workflow for interactive depth-dependent end-member lithology trend interpretation and stochastic forward modelling.

  • Interpret lithologies from well logs
  • Calculate end-member trends

Interpretation Made Easy

Rock makes light work of the process of picking end-member lithologies, with its easy point, click, and drag interface. View any number of well tracks to aid decision making, with instant updates to your crossplots, trends, and statistics.

As you pick, depth-dependent end-member trends are automatically calculated, which capture the inherent scatter in elastic rock properties.

Rapid QC

QC is easy, thanks to synchronised navigation between logs, crossplots, and tabulated pick data for multiple wells.

Does something look out of place? Select any point to view everything about that pick, then edit or delete it with a single click.

Forward Modelling

Please see Lithofluids.

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