Petrel link

Already have the Petrel* E&P software platform? Now you can take advantage of DUG Insight’s intuitive interpretation platform and advanced visualisation, using your data directly from Petrel.

  • View in / copy to DUG Insight
  • Copy from DUG Insight
  • Wells
  • Faults
  • Grids and horizons
  • 3D volumes
  • 2D volumes

Seamless Data

Forget complex middleware with inscrutable interfaces; connecting the Petrel Link is literally a two-click operation. Then choose from any of your 2D and 3D volumes, horizons, faults, and wells – they’ll appear instantly in your Insight project.  Data is fetched from Petrel on-demand, or you can make high performance copies in your Insight project, for use without Petrel. The link is bi-directional — it’s now just as easy to push data into Petrel as to pull it into Insight.


The Petrel Link for DUG Insight supports Petrel 2011 and onwards. Because this is a link to Petrel itself – not a direct reader of the Petrel data – Insight and Petrel must run on the same computer, and Petrel must be running with the relevant project open while the link is engaged.  Of course, if you make a copy of the object in the Insight project, the link to Petrel can be closed.

* Petrel is a mark of Schlumberger

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