Advance medical research with high performance computing: Masterclass

Advance medical research with high performance computing: Masterclass

Sign up here for a high performance computing (HPC) masterclass on September 14th at 9 AM AWST (11 AM AEST), where you can learn how to better use your big data in life sciences to extract powerful, life-saving insights.

Our online masterclass will cover important points such as:

  • On-demand HPC: Get access to fit-for-purpose resources (compute and support) you need, at the pace you need them.
  • Eliminate data storage constraints: Flexible storage solutions for quick and easy access to your huge datasets without computational restriction.
  • Run pipelines on HPC efficiently: Our experts help you with code onboarding, optimisation, and algorithm development to effectively leverage HPC for your research.
  • Expedite research workflows: We help you reduce your processing turnaround time so that fewer projects sit idle, which costs valuable time and money.

You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions that are important to you and your work and get advice from IT professionals on how to streamline your data-science workflows.

We have a strong focus on:

  • Data sovereignty: We keep your data safe and secure in Australia.
  • Green computing: Save the environment and reduce your costs by leveraging our patented immersion-cooling technology for hardware, which reduces power consumption by up to 51%. The remaining power requirement for hardware is fulfilled by renewable energy.
  • Data and cyber security: We ensure that your data is protected from unauthorised access and corruption.
  • Australian-based support team: You’ll always have local, on-demand assistance at your fingertips. 
  • Domain-specific expertise: Solve your most complex problems with the help of subject-matter experts across the life-sciences sector.

If you have questions or would like to discuss this event, please contact us at

We hope to see you there!

By Mitchell Lim

Mitchell Lim is DUG's Scientific Content Architect. With a PhD in Chemical Engineering, Mitch is an expert in the fields of catalysis and ultrasonics. Full-time science geek, part-time fitness junkie, Mitch strives to deliver effective and engaging science communication, as he believes that easily digestible scientific perspectives have the potential to impact and benefit society at large.

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