Brush up on your HPC lingo (or play HPC bingo!)

Ever think high-performance computing buffs speak a different language? Well you’re right! 

 Here’s a quick ABC of HPC with no context or explanation. How many do you know the meaning of? 

Why not play HPC Bingo when you next listen to a  HPC talk? In fact, bring the list along to our next HPC Hour talk and see how many buzz words our CIO, Stuart Midgley can drop!

Our next HPC Hour will feature DUG’s resident HPC addict, Stuart Midgley, as he presents HPC: What’s Hot. What’s Not. Stu will take us all on a tour of some of the exciting new frontiers in the HPC world and introduce us to some of the innovations that could change what the future holds for us all. The event will be held at DUG’s Perth office on Thursday 25 March at 3pm. It’s free to attend. Read more in our blog post here. And email to reserve your place.

In the mean time, brush up on your HPC lingo below.

Tell us what we’re missing!


A – Advanced, amdahl

B – Bandwidth, balanced, bisection, beowulf

C – Compute, CPU, congestion, cooling, capability, Cray, cluster

D – Data, dragon-fly

E – Exaflop, extreme

F – Fabric, fast, flop, fat-tree, Fortran


H – Heat, hypercube, HPC (that’s surely allowed)

I – Interconnect, infiniband

J – Job

K – Kernel

L – Latency, Linux, Linpack, Lustre

M – Memory, MPI, MIMD, Moore

N – Non-blocking, node, numa

O – OpenMP, optimisation

P – Performance, parallel, petaflop, power

Q – Queue


S – Scalability, scheduler, SIMD, Seymour, scratch, smp

T – Tuning, threads, Top500, torus, teraflop

U – Unix

V – Vectorisation

W – Walltime

X – Xeon, xargs -P

Y – Yottaflop

Z – Zetaflop, ZFS

By Team DUG

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