Building one of the greenest datacentres on earth. The DUG Skybox story.

In late 2018 we embarked on one of our most ambitious HPC projects to date: design, construction and installation of a massive 15 MW high-performance compute data centre at Skybox – a state-of -the-art, secure data facility located approximately six miles from our office in Houston.

The Skybox facility in Houston was chosen after an exhaustive world-wide search for the best location to build a ground-breaking “Green” datacentre. 

We were looking for a world-class, secure facility that would provide us ample expansion space for our projected HPC business growth. We were attracted to the availability and affordability of power in Texas, but most importantly, the accessibility of green power. We were also looking for a partner that would help facilitate our revolutionary green engineering. 

The Skybox-based ‘DUG McCloud’ facility was designed in-house and is entirely cooled using our patented DUG Cool immersion cooling system. From inception to completion in just 9 months, an engineering and project management feat that was made possible by the seamless working partnership we developed with the team at Skybox. 

We have built one of the most efficient and green data centres in the world. It has set the benchmark across the globe for energy efficiency, time to market and power density. In fact, the DUG data centre was recognised in 2019 by being awarded the International DCD Award for Enterprise Data Centre Design

We’re rightly proud of the story. The team at Skybox is proud of the story. So much so, they’ve produced a video about the project. You can watch it here.

By Team DUG

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