DUG announces global processing partnership with Wintershall Dea

DUG announces global processing partnership with Wintershall Dea

DUG Technology (DUG) is very pleased to announce a new partnership with Wintershall Dea, with the formation of a global “virtual seismic processing centre”. Wintershall Dea, a leading European independent gas and oil company, will utilise DUG’s seismic data processing and imaging expertise.

The “virtual” version of the concept “in-house seismic processing centre” will allow each of the decentralised business units of Wintershall Dea globally to collaborate efficiently and directly with DUG. It will combine strengths of both companies via integration of expert knowledge from processors and interpreters to maximise seismic-data value. Combining processing and interpretation insight, throughout a project, creates synergies that promote a better understanding of subsurface geology and more informed decision-making. Collaboration between these disciplines ensures that datasets are not only processed optimally but also interpreted effectively. This translates to both efficiency and more successful exploration and development outcomes.

The partnership has the added benefit of simplifying tendering and execution of Wintershall Dea’s projects, also promoting efficiency. DUG’s geoscience experts will provide remote support ranging from advice and consultancy services to entire bespoke (re)processing projects using DUG Insight, DUG’s powerhouse processing and imaging toolkit, which includes DUG’s multi-parameter FWI imaging technology.

For Wintershall Dea, the virtual model provides direct access to advice, testing of methodology and full reprocessing projects in a both effective and efficient manner. DUG was selected as a partner because of their experience, technology, flexibility and reputation for global technical support. 

DUG’s Chief Geophysicist, Tom Rayment, said. “We look forward to realising Wintershall Dea’s vision for a virtual seismic processing centre. The virtual model is an innovative way to deploy global experience and resources in an efficient, collaborative manner. Our experienced team and the geoscience solutions we provide are backed by our constant drive to develop cutting-edge technology.”

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