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DUG Insight software tutorials

DUG is sharing our popular ‘how-to’ videos, highlighting features of our DUG Insight softwareDUG Insight is a full-featured 2D/3D/pre-stack visualisation and interpretation package. It includes all the necessary tools for a complete interpretation workflow, from reconnaissance to cross-plotting, with a fully-integrated 3D canvas and support for pre-stack data, throughout.

This week take a look at Faster, Better, Fault Interpretation with Arblines in Insight. Arblines are a great aid for picking faults and perfecting your interpretation. DUG Insight adds some great workflow enhancements to arblines that solve common problems and help get the most out of your data.

Coming up over the next month we will be featuring:

  • Create smashing well synthetic view
  • Link Insight and Petrel
  • Spectral balancing and frequency enhancement using Spectral Shaping

Keep an eye on our social media for a weekly update, or visit our YouTube channel.

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