DUG Insight Release Notes

December 2021 – Changes (5.1-111232)

  • horizons: add more settings to contour annotations
  • horizons: new updates to properties on multiple horizons
  • mapping: add new ‘Call out’ annotation
  • polygons: new smooth operation
  • wavelets: add Vibroseis wavelet type
  • classes: sample interpolation setting can now only be edited if explicitly unlocked
  • processes: attribute maps: add support for creation from 2D stacks
  • views: attribute map view: add support for 2D stack volumes
  • wells: standardise well annotation settings between views
  • 3d view: display the curve selector when using the “One curve” well values setting
  • polygons: contour polygons on horizon properties can now be exported
  • well template views: correlation view: fix curve selection being lost after session reload
  • wells: Fix imported wells not appearing until save and reopen session

November 2021 – Changes (5.1-110201)

  • geo-images: support exporting georeferenced images in geotiff format
  • horizons: support polygon creation from a horizon’s outline
  • mapping: draw tab: add new toolbar buttons for quickly creating multiple annotations; this replaces the ‘+’ menu
  • processes: cross correlation 2D: new process
  • processes: anisotropic model conversion: new process
  • volumes: ASCII import: add new data format option for column-based text formats (such as ESSO V2 and custom formats)
  • wells: import: create new wells if not existing when importing LAS files
  • wells: import: can now use mouse to adjust column widths when importing text files
  • mapping: show well information in project display units rather than metres
  • processes: dip field: fix incorrect results when input volume has very large amplitudes
  • polygons: fix problem report when clearing polygon history
  • well template views: single well view: fix gather track not properly loading gather volumes

October 2021 – Changes(5.1-109211)

  • culture: add a horizon option for vertical location, for use in the 3D view
  • crossplots: add a new regressions tab, allowing plotting of linear, polynomial,exponential and power regression lines
  • gathers: support manually setting amplitude range in AVO graph
  • processes: trim statics: add support for depth domain input
  • well manager: well component sets can now be bulk edited
  • classes: density classes are now top-posted interval by default
  • mapping: rectangle and ellipse annotations can now be rotated
  • mapping: rectangle and oval annotations can now be resized separately horizontally and vertically
  • volumes: ascii volume importing: allow different vertical sequence for each 2D line rather than one for all lines
  • culture: fix malformed GeoTiff loading to incorrect location
  • faults: the fault list is now searchable when assigning fault sticks
  • horizons: fix line name sometimes being exported as NaN
  • mapping: add option to change label colour for survey annotations
  • mapping: fix drawable annotations with identical names and types being incorrectly moved from their respective folders
  • views: IL/gather/CL view: fix incorrect gather axis when displaying angle gathers
  • volumes: fix problem report when exporting volumes with no data
  • well manager: improve performance when taking ownership
  • well processes: curve maths: fix incorrect results when the output’s vertical domain is not MDKB
  • well template views: fix problem report when closing the “template changed” dialog using the window close button
  • well template views: single well view: fix track marker names not always being shown when they should be
  • well template views: fix incorrect positioning of markers on gather tracks extracted from wells
  • well template views: fix losing the displayed curve when duplicating a section view
  • wells: improve appearance of well settings dialog
  • wells: improve tolerance of data class assignment when importing curves
  • wells: prompt for CRS conversion when importing well headers with X/Y
  • 3d view: colourbars are no longer shown for intersection horizons

September 2021 – Changes(4.9-107203)

  • horizons: horizon maths: add formula syntax highlighting
  • processes: volume maths, header maths: add syntax highlighting
  • processes: volume maths, header maths: support comments in formulas
  • processes: volume maths: add templates to enable re-use of formulas
  • volumes: add option to the import menu for VELF velocity file
  • user interface: make “none” selection in searchable drop-downs more obvious
  • volumes: adjust handling of DCT compression settings to better reflect real world results
  • predict: fix a situation where no output was generated
  • processes: volume resample: input volumes are no longer required to have default scaling headers
  • control panel: faults, wells, cultures: fix invisible line colour selector when selecting multiple items with different colours
  • launcher: fix project CRS not being displayed when configuring project
  • volumes: fix problem report when exporting to SEG-Y and file name contains special characters
  • wavelets: fix probe trace length warning not going away when creating a wavelet
  • wells: show well projection distance in project display units
  • faults: fix 2D fault stick not displaying in the correct location
  • horizons: fix spurious warning when removing area constraint

August 2021 – Changes(4.9-107011)

  • classes: support entering opacity percentage numerically as well as via slider
  • culture: bubble maps can now be displayed in the map and 3D views and imported from text files
  • classes: remove ‘nearest’ interpolation method for top-posted interval sample convention; classes using old method will be auto changed to ‘interval’ interpolation on session load
  • processes: volume resampling: remove ‘nearest’ interpolation method for top-posted interval sample convention; process using old method will be auto changed to ‘interval’ interpolation on session load
  • views: volume titles: fix some layout issues, and add more position options
  • horizons: fix 2D horizon smoothing incorrectly scaling the supplied radius
  • processes: volume interpolation/extrapolation: populate headers when output is on a different survey
  • synthetics: fix incorrect horizon depths in map marker mistie export
  • views: gather view: fix zoom-to-fit not working in amplitude graph after changing to a small amplitude range volume
  • well processes: curve maths: add “+” label to indicate shift
  • wells: improve performance when project has many wells
  • polygons: fix artefacts when expanding and contracting some polygons
  • synthetics: fix incorrect delta curve calculation in multiple layer mode for more than one well
  • wells: fix individual well curve selection not being retained
  • views: fix seed points not displaying picking gather horizons
  • views: fix problem report when showing line intersections

July 2021 – Changes(4.9-106205)

  • well: Add well curve processes
  • groups: add panel groups. Volumes in this new group type will be displayed in views side-by-side, allowing for reusable octave panels and other side-by-side comparisons
  • horizons: add support for 2D horizon smoothing
  • horizons: header extraction: add support for extraction to sparse X/Y horizons
  • horizons: header extraction: support extracting multiple headers and time/depth horizons
  • processes: NMO: new anisotropic 2nd-order and 4th-order models
  • processes: reassign geometry headers: add option to calculate IL/CL offsets
  • processes: volume maths: new “lerp” function to merge two values with linear interpolation
  • processes: trace shift: new options to apply and remove shifts, either per trace or from a volume of shifts
  • synthetics: support delta per layer parameterisation – derived from checkshot, interpolation, gradient, or a constant value; see help for details
  • views: supershot QC: improve the display of rectangular VOO grid
  • views: supershot QC: support displaying polar VOO grids
  • views: views tab: new context menu item to apply a snapshot to visible views
  • spectra viewer: support depth volumes, converted using project time/depth conversion setup
  • faults: include line name when exporting faults in geoquest format
  • synthetics: add new options to compute and export map marker misties in the delta tab
  • processes: RMO correction: remove option to apply shifts, replaced by new option in trace shift
  • exporting: add support for LAS 2.0 UWI standard
  • data manager: well components table: can now select all rows by clicking in the top-left corner
  • launcher: fix reserved memory window truncating long user names
  • culture: fix the ‘fill’ option not being set in exported Shapefiles
  • horizons: fix seed point picks on gathers sometimes using the wrong offset (since 5.1-002211)
  • horizons: improve progress feedback when smoothing horizons
  • views: fix problem report when removing the last survey from a session
  • views: 2D line view: fix zoom to fit sometimes not showing all data
  • views: improve indication of invalid views in the views tab
  • views: attribute map view: fix problem report when setting histogram number of bins to 1 (since 5.1-007061)
  • views: high DPI screens: fix right click not detecting objects such as polygons underneath cursor (since 5.1-101221)
  • views: consistently assume (or not) locale when stripping trailing zeroes.
  • wells: improve consistency of well curve selection between displays
  • wells: improve performance when batch updating UWIs in a project containing a large numbers of wells
  • wells: fix well curve not displaying in section view when using a new custom class
  • wells: well import: improve error message location for invalid input
  • 3d view: fix cultures with polygon constraint not rendering properly
  • mapping: fix the ability to auto-adjust the range of dimensionless custom sparse horizon properties
  • mapping: fix sparse horizon custom properties not displaying if their dimension differs from the base property
  • painters and views: fix cursor misalignment on 4k monitors
  • ui: remove obsolete fault allocation shortcut from menus
  • processes: composite QC: support fourth dimension selector for 3D volume
  • processes: hi-res radon: fix output above top mute when outputting noise model subtracted from input (since 5.1-002211)
  • processes: reassign geometry headers: fix error when no outputs are selected (since 5.1-104231)
  • processes: trace shift, RMO correction: honour header-based trace matching
  • processes: trace shift: fix error when the shifts volume contains NaN samples (since 5.1-105211)
  • processes: trace shift: fix unexpected shifts when removing a previously applied shift volume. Improves results when applying rapidly varying shift volumes
  • processes: volume maths: fix problem report after entering a blank value in the extent fields (since 5.1-103231)
  • surveys: improve 3D survey CRS transformation accuracy by prompting for sub-grid range
  • synthetics: always use the selected NMO velocity model for delta time/depth conversions
  • control panel: fix deleting of expanded folders that contain only other folders (since 5.1-103231)
  • volumes: fix exports constrained by probe sometimes overflowing the selected area
  • wavelets: fix time sequence settings not persisting after a session save/reload
  • horizons: map view: fix horizon colour bar annotation linked to volume colour bar’s visibility (since 5.1-105211)
  • horizon: fix problem report when interpolating or extrapolating the TVDSS (ft) property
  • horizon: fix problem report when regridding the TVDSS (ft) property

May 2021 – Changes(4.9-104293)

  • Culture: Support importing KML files as cultures
  • Horizons: New header extraction operation to create a horizon from volume headers
  • Mapping: Add vector maps, a new overlay using data from direction and magnitude volumes extracted along a horizon
  • Polygons: New expand/contract polygon operation
  • Synthetics: View: show vertical velocity V0 – calculated from Vnmo and delta
  • Wells: Import and export LAS files in bulk
  • Classes: Add ‘interval’ to vertical interpolation methods. This will affect display, volume resample, volume maths, trace shift, and volume export
  • Wells: Add support for importing markers with identical names
  • Synthetics: The available curves are now sorted alphabetically
  • Synthetics: View: Remove ‘Use small delta approx’ option on the Delta tab
  • Synthetics: View: Add option to choose the velocity model (Vnmo)
  • Data manager: fix some well components not being copied when copying wells
  • Mapping: 3D surveys are now hidden when surveys are turned off in the display settings
  • Mapping: Improve usability of text annotations (start typing immediately after adding the annotation)
  • Mapping: Streamline creation of rectangle and ellipse annotations
  • Processes: LF model: fix problem report when adding a trend volume (since 5.1-101221)
  • Processes: SEG-Y output: header editor: show vertical scrollbar in the EBCDIC text editor where needed
  • Processes: Volume maths: fix problem report when configuring with no input volume selected (since 5.1-102221)
  • Volumes: Simplify creation of time-slice optimised sub-volumes
  • Set correct vertical dimension when performing horizon regrid operation
  • Allow interpolation of saved horizon property

April 2021 – Changes(4.9-103291)

  • Views: Attribute map view: support horizontal axis flipping by shortcut key
  • Views: IL/CL view: display settings includes a new option to allow the display of only a single panel (IL or CL) in the viewer
  • Views: Add an instantaneous and top-posted option to class settings, and improve consistency of display for top-posted data
  • Views: 3d view: now supports window area selection for screen capture
  • Groups: Further simplify add-to-group and related context menu options
  • Processes: Add the ability to define custom trace headers that aren’t written to disk
  • Processes: Dip azimuth process: add a reverse mode to create a dip field from dip/azimuth volumes
  • Wavelets: Do not allow file-based wavelets to be downsampled
  • Velocity picking: Allow minimum pick spacing parameter to go as low as 1ms
  • Horizons: Interpolation/extrapolation and regrid operations now copy over the data class settings of the selected horizon property
  • Processes: Mask operations: merge tapered region option is now checked by default
  • Processes: Volume maths: when using multiple input volumes, default output extents are now taken from the first input volume; a new option allows the previous behaviour of combining extents from all input volumes
  • Processes: SEG-Y output: can now view SEG-Y headers of products owned by other users
  • Views: angle mutes: fix a cause of incorrect or missing angle mute displays
  • Views: gather views: fix no crosshair values shown when hovering over header graphs
  • T/D conversion: show the correct TWT domain range for the project velocity conversion setup
  • Spectra viewer: fixed an issue with viewing volume spectra when no gather dimension value has been selected
  • Well template views: fix crosshair in single well view not always updating
  • Processes: Volume maths: no longer drops a trace which contains only NaN values
  • Processes: Vomposite QC: fix to correctly restore axis range when domain is reversed
  • Processes: Attribute map: no longer drops all-zero or all-NaN traces
  • Processes: Composite QC: keep spectra curve settings when switching QC volumes
  • Processes: Edges & SOF (Structurally-Oriented Filter): fixed the input volume selector so that unsupported volume types cannot be selected
  • User Interface: Searchable lists now expand on clicking the search icon
  • Volumes: Export: Overridden vertical extents are now honoured when exporting sail lines to SEG-Y

March 2021 – Changes(4.9-103170)

  • Culture: Can now be displayed in the 3D view
  • Other: Added shapefile and KML export options to culture, horizon contours, polygons, surveys and wells
  • Data Manager: Added Well Manager, a tool to search, filter, and edit wells in bulk
  • User Interface: Show more hotkey shortcuts on context menu items
  • Volumes: Add options to open the attribute map view directly from an attribute map volume’s control panel and context menu
  • Faults: Temporary polygons can now be used to select faults in various views
  • Horizons: Interpolation/extrapolation and regrid operations now honour the selected custom horizon property
  • Horizons: Added ability to group horizons in order to display multiple horizons in the map view
  • Control Panel: add [Alt]+[Enter] hotkey to configure the selected product
  • Control Panel: add [Del] hotkey to remove selected products from the session
  • Views: Add [Alt]+[Enter] hotkey to open the display settings dialog
  • Painters & Views: Add a volume comparison slider, available through display settings and the context menu
  • Processes: Volume smoothing: Add median-mean option
  • Mapping: Contours can now be shown filled with intervals from the horizon’s class
  • Wells: Bulk well import: improve detection of existing wells, and require UWIs to exist and be unique
  • Update SWV class alphabet sorting, no need sort class button
  • New Processes Available for IGP module: Plane wave dip filter, Cadzow, LNR, HiResRadon, header and trace interpolation and TAFE
  • Views: replace the ‘Snapshots’ tab with a new ‘Views’ tab. The existing View menu behaviour remains unchanged, and continues to both open new views and reopen closed ones. For view types initially supported by this tab, it includes configurations for both open and closed views, allows creation of new views, and views in this tab can be named and grouped in folders, which can then be shown and hidden together, to save and recall different view layouts
  • Views: Attribute map view: advise when creating an optimised sub-volume is likely to improve performance
  • Spectra Viewer: Change the defaults to more common settings, including dB on the vertical axis and smoothing off
  • Painters & Views: Attribute map view: enable searching in window/attribute drop-down
  • Painters & Views: New colourbar title annotation orientation to better fit long class names
  • Painters & Views: Add an option for gather selectors to only show volumes in their default gather dimensions. Found alongside the view’s gather dimension options, this is now the default for new sessions
  • Improvements to Group context menu options
  • Track Views: Show curve name instead of class as a track label
  • Arblines: Fix problem report when an arbline in the current session was deleted in another session
  • UI: Fix the display settings context menu’s interpretation options not updating after the same setting was changed using hotkeys
  • Horizons: Fix 2D CMP horizon amplitude extraction on 3D volumes
  • Painters & Views: Fix toolbar not having volume selector hard against right edge
  • Launcher: Fix problem report when session lockfile inaccessible
  • Fix drawing of crossover fills
  • Allow Insight projects created on Windows to be used on Linux/Mac

December 2020 – Changes(4.8-012160)

  • 3d view: Right-mouse-button drag now pans the view in world X/Y coordinates, and holding down [Ctrl] while panning will allow panning the view vertically. The original camera-panning behaviour is still accessible by holding down [Shift] while dragging
  • Faults: Allow bulk operations on fault sticks in map view
  • Volumes: Export – new option to export volume samples to CSV text format
  • crss: As EPSG CRSs no longer use the old format ‘To WGS84’ strings, remove them from the CRS dialog
  • Arblines: Fix a problem report when right clicking in the arblines list with nothing selected
  • Sessions: Fix problem report when loading a session which referenced a deleted arbline
  • Volumes: Honour the all-NaN trace drop setting when exporting to text or SEG-Y

November 2020 – Changes(4.8-011240)

  • Groups:    Add ‘Remove from group’ action to volumes’ right-click menus
  • Mapping:  Add an option to show only the first colourbar for surface groups
  • Views:        Add ‘Filtered’ label to crosshair bar when volumes have display processing applied
  • Geo-images: Display a meaningful error instead of a problem report when loading a TIFF image which is too large
  • Polygons:       Add option to close open shapes when converting to map polygons
  • Views:            Add a warning to screen capture dialog if the volume has display processing applied
  • Arblines:  Display line-set and survey intersections with their correct colour
  • Volumes:  Line names are now ordered as expected in the volume export dialog
  • Wells:        Bulk well import: improve detection of well elevation types
  • 2d:              Restore missing map view 2D line context actions
  • Horizons:  Fix error when deleting line along which we’re picking

October 2020 – Changes(4.8-011050)


  • Add context menu option to export trace as wavelet
  • Common display settings can now be changed directly from the context menu


  • Add option to resample wavelet
  • Add Spike wavelets
  • Petrel link: Support for Petrel 2020
  • Control Panel: Cultures are now configured in a Culture tab found on the control panel, rather than the map view
  • Views: the header graph’s autoscale context menu option is now available for more section views
  • 3d view: correctly update the view when changing horizon amplitude extraction settings
  • Arblines: Fix missing output when exporting a 3D gather volume to a 2D survey
  • Crossplots: Fix well curve selection not being restored with the session
  • Launcher: On windows, warn on loading an open session
  • QI: Prior Models: Use searchable drop down for horizons
  • Spectra viewer: Make smoothing parameters usable while spectra are being calculated
  • UI: Remove borders on button bars in tables
  • Wavelets: Fix truncation of add button in wavelet panel


    • Attribute map stack: Fix to show scroll-bars in the percentiles configuration dialog
    • Volume smoothing:   Fix error when applying median mean smoothing in areas with missing traces
    • Volume smoothing:   Improve median mean smoothing results


    • Always display all three colour bars for RGB groups
    • Remove inappropriate ‘show headers graph’ view menu actions
    • Update headers view when changing volumes in the gather display

    September 2020 – Changes (4.8-009150)


    • Add a configuration option for the position of map intersection annotations

    Views and Displays

    • Select the volume’s default gather dimension when first opened from the volume control panel
    • Highlight visible attribute map volumes on the volumes tab
    • The display process configuration button & status has moved to a more prominent location next to the volume selector


    • Optimising regrid, interpolate/extrapolate and create horizon from well marker operations

    Views and Displays

    • fix the headers viewer showing incorrect trace headers when inspecting 3D volume section views


    • Intercept/gradient: ignore hard zeroes, instead of treating them as data

    User interface

    • Stop gui locking up on entering improbably large numbers into colourbar clip ranges


    • Interactive export: prevent entering signal:noise target values that will error
    • SEG-Y export: fix to correctly handle tabs in the EBCDIC editor

    August 2020 – Changes (4.8-009070)

    Views & Displays

    • Add a ‘Show All Windows’ action to the Window Menu
    • Attribute maps: Add histogram and statistics panels
    •  Add section markers for 3D gathers
    •  Show 2D gather locations in 2D line views


    • Allow selection of offset range for gather horizon amplitude extraction

    Views & Displays

    • Show display-process crosshair readouts in italic font
    • Support more conversions for showing 2D gather section markers
    • Volume crosshair values now take enabled display processes into account; when applied, the value is shown in italics


    • Match: the use of the maximum filter coefficient parameter has changed to either clip the filter coefficients or scale the entire filter preserving the filter shape. This will change results where the maximum filter coefficient is used


    • Error message in horizon configuration dialog being cutoff
    • Attribute map view: fix the incorrect number of display bins in the histogram when the attribute axis is locked
    • Fix blank view and problem report when displaying the product extents table
    • Fix problem report when dragging gather markers
    • IL/CL gather location markers no longer appear if too far from the current section’s location


    •  Volume maths: Fix a spurious “Settings were not properly loaded” message

    July 2020 – Changes (4.8-008040)

    Views & Displays

    • Add option to display well gather tracks
    • Add option to display seismic tracks


    • mapping: Add map view navigation markers for 2D & 3D gathers


    • Add navigation annotation view settings to the map view’s configuration panel


    • Lithofuild probability: add an option to use horizons to specify prior probabilities


    • Fix propagator-guided horizon picking on 3D stacks behaving like a manual straight pick
    • Gather amplitudes: allow selection of angle gathers


    • After closing the 3D view, a dashed (‘selected’) 2D line no longer automatically appears
    • Selected 2D lines in the map view can now all be unselected at once via [Ctrl] + right-click
    • Selecting 2D lines in the map view for context menu actions using [Ctrl] + left-click will no longer modify open views which are “Linked” on line selection. [Shift] + left-click can still be used to select the default “Linked” 2D line for open views

    User Interface

    • Make line-section scroll annotations on the map update smoothly when you scroll the section view


    • Simple mute: moveout corrections are now applied symmetrically around the zero offset when given a negative start time
    • Stack: improve detection of unmuted areas to stack


    • Improve pore pressure / synthetics results


    • Fix incorrect well name being applied after importing wells
    • Fix wells not updating immediately after import
    • Recognise new well data on import
    • Restore well colour from legacy session

    DUG Technology