DUG Insight Release Notes

September 2023 – Changes (5.1-308172)

  • processes: cross correlation: new sliding window output mode
  • processes: enhance flat: improve results, particularly for small filter intercept values

August 2023 – Changes (5.1-307211)

  • launcher: new design
  • workflows: add support for running some workflows on Windows using the new Local Job Scheduler service
  • views: fix problem report when zooming while creating a callout annotation
  • wells: fix problem report when removing a curve math or its parent well from the session after adding it to a track
  • wells: fix units for well path dx/dy values

July 2023 – Changes (5.1-306231)

  • culture: fix some shape files generating excessive axis extents
  • processes: NMO: fix incorrect results when using stretch limit with constant velocity
  • wavelets: fix problem report when importing wavelets with an invalid twt column
  • wells: fix well exporting depths in metres when using a feet project
  • wells: fix well path table converting inputs for X and Y in feet projects

June 2023 – Changes (5.1-305231)

  • horizons: improve performance, particularly when viewing
  • tables: improve map view display performance
  • horizons: regrid: fix empty output when using trend on some horizons
  • petrel link: fix failure to transfer well paths to Petrel

May 2023 – Changes (5.1-304261)

April 2023 – Changes (5.1-303201)

  • faults: add “delete intersecting fault stick” and associated shortcut to context menu
  • synthetics: change all synthetics curves to use new “synthetic” class. note: for existing sessions, any synthetic curves displayed in other views such as single well view and section views will need to be re-selected under the new class
  • synthetics: fix curves with sub-millisecond sample rates

March 2023 – Changes (5.1-302221)

  • control panel: alt+hotkey now opens the corresponding menu/item (the hotkey is underlined in the menu/item name)
  • polygons: add support for editing multiple polygons at the same time
  • processes: dip azimuth: display output volumes as density by default
  • mistie: fix incorrect display of user-defined class name
  • mistie: fix mistie location not displayed at 2D line intersections
  • wells: fix well curves not allowing any units to be selected while using a custom class
  • wells: import: fix default total depth for wells without paths in feet projects

February 2023 – Changes (5.1-301301)

January 2023 – Changes (5.1-212201)

  • installer: fix error message when installing on some linux systems
  • volumes: fix 2D dip field being exported as a 2D stack when changing the CMP sequence
  • volumes: SEG-Y export: fix “export as whole sail lines” option grouping unrelated lines together if they have the same prefix

December 2022 – Changes (5.1-211251)

  • synthetics: new anisotropy tool
  • views: COV QC: new tool to QC COV gathers (part of the Image Gather Pro module)
  • well processes: thickness calculator: new process

November 2022 – Changes (5.1-210211)

  • views: add support for drawing annotations in various views using the “Draw” right-click menu
  • wells: add support for LATI and LONG headers in LAS files
  • wells: add support for lat/long surface locations when importing OWX files
  • processes: stacking, angle stacks: improve help text for the offset source parameter
  • well manager: restore support for bulk editing well component sets (since 5.1-201211)
  • well processes: add support for loading from project using the Ctrl+L hotkey

October 2022 – Changes (5.1-209201)

  • polygons: fix problem report when editing some older polygons
  • seg-y loader: fix problem report when manually changing CMP/SP values

September 2022 – Changes (5.1-208221)

  • crossplots: add support for calculating trendlines from points inside a polygon
  • mapping: add support for copying annotations
  • mapping: add support for sharing annotations between sessions
  • sessions: add support for recovering sessions that have never been manually saved
  • sessions: improve performance of reading session display settings
  • well manager: well search: mnemonic and MD range filters now match the same curve when both are present
  • wells: well import: rename “Onshore” to “Land” and “Offshore” to “Marine”
  • wells: well import: warn when “Land/Marine” column contains invalid values
  • processes: intercept/gradient: fix mute not being applied when regressing in AVO domain and either an inner or an outer mute provided, but not both
  • well correlation: fix context menu and marker display location

August 2022 – Changes (5.1-207221)

  • 3D view: display bubble maps from table data
  • crossplots: trend equation coefficients can now be entered manually
  • processes: LMO: add option to honour source and receiver depths
  • well manager: add support for filtering well components by the well search criteria
  • well manager: well search: add filters on markers, survey count, path, curve MD range
  • well manager: well search: add support for wildcards and comma-separated lists of values in text-based filters
  • database: reconnect to database automatically after network disconnection on Windows
  • sessions: add support for arrow keys in the “open session” dialog
  • user interface: fix CTRL+P (hotkey to open volume from process and vice versa) not working multiple times in a row
  • user interface: fix CTRL+P not working on workflows and QC flows
  • wells: import: fix well curve imported in feet showing unit label in meters

July 2022 – Changes (5.1-206211)

  • classes: disable pixel interpolation when interpolation method is set to “Most likely”, such as for lithofluid outputs
  • dataload: add support for little-endian SEG-Y
  • faults: the “A” hotkey once again assigns a stick to the fault being picked
  • installers: update company name in the Windows MSI installer
  • processes: volume maths: add a new IndexOf function
  • sessions: display warning when failing to auto-save for an extended period of time
  • ui: enter key now always accepts selection in search dialogs instead of going to the next row
  • ui: various improvements when using the keyboard to select an option in searchable menus and dropdowns

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