DUG Insight Release Notes

June 2024 – Changes (5.1-405231)

  • 3D view: fix inconsistent sizing with UI scaling and for high resolution screenshots
  • crossplot: fix crossplot highlight volumes not honouring utm probe
  • crossplot: fix crossplot horizon highlights not honouring rotated probe
  • horizons: header extraction: change default horizon type to X/Y for 2D volumes
  • horizons: horizon import: fix dropdown size when selecting column mapping

May 2024 – Changes (5.1-404182)

  • control panel: add support for selecting visible tabs (right-click on a tab or File > Preferences)
  • control panel: display a warning when the volume contains NaN or Inf samples, and provide an example location
  • control panel: move Preferences from Tool to File menu
  • culture: fix problem report on some KML imports
  • culture: fix problem reports when exporting certain cultures to shape files
  • views: improve the appearance of views when using UI scaling

April 2024 – Changes (5.1-403262)

jobs: fix submit buttons always being disabled

April 2024 – Changes (5.1-403261)

  • 3D view: improve performance of complex volume rendering on many-core machines
  • 3D view: improve performance viewing volumes clipped to a probe
  • horizons: interpolate/extrapolate/regrid: ensure that extrapolation covers all the samples that touch the fill area
  • models: LF model (GHID): improve error message when horizons don’t intersect any wells
  • wells: accept darcy as units in LAS well curve import
  • installers: fix Windows per-user installation always removing previous versions
  • wells: fix checkshot interval velocity curves using an incorrect interpolation method by default

March 2024 – Changes (5.1-402212)

  • processes: fix problem report when creating or loading workflows without cluster configuration (since 5.1-402211)

March 2024 – Changes (5.1-402211)

  • tables: add decimal places control to bubble map labels
  • faults: improve performance displaying and picking faults
  • sessions: improve loading times when there are many wells
    • 3D View: fix problem report when rendering large volumes
    • views: 2D gather view: fix problem report when there are no 2D lines

    February 2024 – Changes (5.1-401242)

    • views: fix incorrect scale bar when running with “UI scaling” other than 1

    February 2024 – Changes (5.1-401241)

    • horizons: header extraction: add range attribute for X/Y horizons
    • wells: add support for DUG extension to OWX format including water depth, ground level and unicode
    • horizons: header extraction: include X/Y source in horizon name and notes
    • processes: angle gathers: add option to use an auxiliary gather volume to define the angle-offset conversion
    • QI stochastic model: add lithofluid depth override validity range display
    • views: make disabled volume visible when clicking on new view button
    • views: map view: improve performance of displaying well symbols
    • well processes: improve large well session loading time
    • faults: fix incorrect fault stick shift when project AMSL is non-0
    • horizons: fix blocky display in section views when at least one horizon has very large vertical extents
    • qi stochastic model: fix lithofluid export with depth override
    • views: arbline view: fix pixelated display for high-resolution 3D surveys

    January 2024 – Changes (5.1-312201)

    • control panel: add support for launching the well manager from the well tab
    • horizons: add hotkey ‘A’ to cycle through horizon picking modes
    • petrel link: add support for Petrel 2023
    • classes: change default interpolation method for top-posted classes to smooth interpolation
    • QI stochastic model: improve performance and reduce memory usage
    • QI stochastic model: rename ‘QI Workbench’ to ‘QI Stochastic Model’
    • sessions: reduce session load times (existing projects require a compact to benefit)
    • ui: add orange border to some drop-down lists when the selection has been manually changed from the default
    • wells: curve import: support additional mnemonics
    • wells: well curves: add support for “darcy” and “md” units
    • horizons: fix missing seed data in propagated horizon (since 5.1-310061)
    • horizons: fix polygon erase not working on 2D horizons (since 5.1-310061)
    • horizons: fix problem report enabling contours when no horizon selected (since 5.1-311201)
    • horizons: fix problem report when session contains disconnected remote horizons (since 5.1-310061)
    • petrel link: fix problem report when importing Petrel faults (since 5.1-311201)
    • processes: flattener: fix problem report on 4K monitors
    • ui: fix colour selection dialog opening off screen on Windows
    • volumes: fix editing of volume notes (since 5.1-308172)
    • wells: fix problem report for some invalid file paths on Windows
    • wells: fix well views using interval (blocky) interpolation instead of interval (smooth) for curves

    December 2023 – Changes (5.1-311202)

    • horizons: fix missing values after modifying a horizon with negative IL or CL values (since 5.1-310061)

    December 2023 – Changes (5.1-311201)

    Note: this release may corrupt horizons with negative IL and CL values. If this happens to you, please use version 5.1-311202 which fixes corrupted horizons or contact [email protected] if you can’t upgrade.

    • processes: AGC: add “bulk scalar” parameter
    • processes: AGC: add three new gain functions and rename existing functions
    • horizons: improve performance when using large horizons
    • sessions: fix sessions not opening on MacOS when using exFat drives
    • surveys: fix 3D survey creation when not all points are defined
    • views: fix slow views when UI scaling is greater than 1
    • views: section views, single well view: fix incorrect synthetic curve units
    • well template views: fix well intersections when the horizon has holes

    November 2023 – Changes (5.1-310061)

    Note: this release may corrupt horizons with negative IL and CL values. If this happens to you, please use version 5.1-311202 which fixes corrupted horizons or contact [email protected] if you can’t upgrade.

    • processes: add dip field support to volume merge, NaN removal, header maths, trace chooser, reassign scalco/scalel, reassign geometry headers, simple mute, volume combine, volume resampling and volume sculpting
    • views: add support for bulk exporting images from snapshots
    • wavelets: Ricker wavelet: add support for frequencies up to 100 kHz
    • wavelets: statistical wavelet extractor: add support for sub-ms sampled volumes
    • crossplots: increase axis cursor value precision
    • horizons: improve performance, particularly of manual picking
    • views: add support for displaying dip field header values
    • views: IL/CL view: link IL and CL scale by default
    • views: improve screenshot resolution at higher scales
    • wells: single well view, well correlation view: add support for showing and hiding multiple items at once
    • processes: dip field: fix output dip volume to retain the headers of the input volume
    • views: fix frequency axis being flipped
    • well processes: curve maths: fix problem report when input curve is empty

    September 2023 – Changes (5.1-308172)

    • processes: cross correlation: new sliding window output mode
    • processes: enhance flat: improve results, particularly for small filter intercept values

    August 2023 – Changes (5.1-307211)

    • launcher: new design
    • workflows: add support for running some workflows on Windows using the new Local Job Scheduler service
    • views: fix problem report when zooming while creating a callout annotation
    • wells: fix problem report when removing a curve math or its parent well from the session after adding it to a track
    • wells: fix units for well path dx/dy values

    July 2023 – Changes (5.1-306231)

    • culture: fix some shape files generating excessive axis extents
    • processes: NMO: fix incorrect results when using stretch limit with constant velocity
    • wavelets: fix problem report when importing wavelets with an invalid twt column
    • wells: fix well exporting depths in metres when using a feet project
    • wells: fix well path table converting inputs for X and Y in feet projects

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