DUG Insight Release Notes

December 2019 – Changes (4.6-912201)

  • Surveys: Calculate and display a fourth tie point in the 3D survey configuration dialog
  • Volumes: Exports: Text export will now scale headers for CSV output, and optionally scale headers for SUASCII output
  • Image Gather Processing: New processes added;   
    • Time-Frequency Denoise
    • Volume Sculpting
    • Volume Integration
    • Match
    • Detect Mute
    • Restore Mute
    • Assign Header Values
    • Linear Moveout Correction
    • Attribute Maps
    • Attribute Maps Stack
    • Enhance Flat
    • Local Trace Alignment
    • Zero Phase
    • Minimum Phase
    • Composite QC
    • Tau-P Mute
    • Partial Stacking
    • K Filter
    • Velocity No-Decrease
    • V0 from delta and isotropic depth mig velocities
    • Volume CRS Conversion
    • Super Gathers
    • Wavelet Transform
  • Volumes: Allow merging volumes with different increments if possible
  • Sessions: Show the column resizing cursor when appropriate in the open/manage sessions dialogs

November 2019 – Changes (4.6-911270)

  • Volumes: Add angle-aware interpolation methods for angle data classes
  • Well template views: Add support for custom-threshold well curve fill in 3D view
  • Control panel: Fix problem report when dragging product in certain cases
  • Mistie: Fix results sometimes being associated with the wrong lines
  • Painters & views: Display processes: fix initial gain type (t^2) not matching the displayed setting (AGC)
  • Painters & views: Display processes: fix NMO velocity not restored at session reload
  • Painters & views: Fix min/max offset display for angle mutes on non-offset gathers

October 2019 – Changes (4.6-910240)

  • Views: Volume line selectors in views now highlight the selection in red if it’s a valid line name but on the wrong survey
  • Wells: Add grid lines, labels and annotations to 3D well charts 
  • Views: Avoid displaying angle mutes on certain gather domains (e.g. tau-P) 
  • Views: Keep showing cross-hair values even when the cross-hair is turned off
  • Processes: Trace mix: Allow 2D stacks to be used as input


  • Arblines: Fix exception while handling historic arblines
  • Data manager: Open project button available in Data Manager’s Copy Objects view
  • Processes: SEG-Y output: Fix job failure when the file name contained some non-alphanumeric characters
  • Sessions: Don’t discard session if user selects “exit & save” then cancels
  • Spectra viewer: Enable unwrap wavelet spectra option for volumes
  • Volume export: Fix an issue where exporting large volume sometime fail with out-of-memory error


August 2019 – Changes (4.6-908070)

  • Crossplots: Crosshairs ignored the global show/hide setting
  • Views: An erroneous licensing error would appear in some cases
  • Volumes: Improve handling of special characters in 2D lines

July 2019 – Changes (4.6-907050)


  • Add polygon operations (union, intersection, etc.)



  • Crossplots: Show/Hide wells and added new datums
  • Snapshots: added to the Explorationist module
  • Wells: add class settings button to well curve choosers
  • Wells: export curves dialog includes class and unit labels
  • Wells: improved settings display in Control Panel


  • 3D: Well charts did not draw markers using their colour
  • 3D: Well charts could be positioned incorrectly
  • 3D: Wells could display a different curve to the selection
  • 3D: Horizon polygons respond better to thickness settings
  • Pore pressure: an error when exporting some result logs
  • Processes: Improved clarity of scaling header warnings
  • Views: Angle mutes were missing on angle gather sections
  • Wells: Progress bar could exceed 100% when importing

June 2019 – Changes (4.6-906110)

  • Shapefiles: add convert-to-polygon option
  • Volume maths: add toDegrees and toRadians functions
  • Volume maths: add variables and multi-expression formulas
  • Volume export: faster response when cancelled
  • Volume export: SEG-Y export optionally outputs QC information
  • Well View: Gather tracks include mutes
  • Many minor bug fixes throughout the software

May 2019 – Changes (4.5-905021)

  • Views: Faster zooming and panning for very large volumes
  • Volume maths: now supports bitwise operations
  • Volume export: faster with better resource management
  • Crossplots: a rare error when crossplotting horizons
  • Horizons: a rare error when exporting to X/Y
  • Well views: an error with gather tracks with no well selected

April 2019 – Changes (4.5-904010)

  • AVA StackRotation and Intercept/Gradient allow irregular rotation angles
  • Faults: a rare error when projecting fault sticks
  • Interface: some web links would not open correctly
  • Surveys: a rare error when showing some 2d survey lines
  • Well tables: an error when pasting incorrectly formatted data
  • Well tables: an error when component is deleted while editing
  • Well tables: show shallowest and deepest in markers summary
  • Well tables: path inc and azimuth affected by units (display only)

March 2019 – Changes (4.5-903060)

  • Horizons: Smoothing operation would sometimes not be applied
  • Horizons: Smoothing operation would sometimes not cancel
  • Spectra viewer: Disabling or removing a volume cancels in-progress calculations

February 2019 – Changes (4.5-902040)

  • Horizons: Dramatic improvements in smoothing speed
  • Horizons: Faster export to text formats
  • 2D SEG-Y Loading: UI improvements and streamlining
  • Geo-images: Improved support for very large images
  • Kingdom Link: Faults could create enormous extents
  • Mistie-Corrections: Fractional phase and time shifts could cause errors during display and export
  • Volumes: An error when exporting 3D spectral decomposition

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