Seismic Interpretation with DUG Insight

Perth 05 - 07 Oct 2020

This course follows a seismic interpretation workflow, integrating regional geology, wells, and 2D and 3D seismic data to perform structural and stratigraphic interpretation and mapping. The workflow starts with well and seismic data management, works through horizon and fault interpretation, investigates mapping and prospect generation and concludes with advanced colour blending and 3D visualisation.

Who should attend?

Geophysicists, Geologists, Interpreters and technical staff.


Basic knowledge of seismic interpretation is recommended. Prior experience with DUG Insight is not required.


3 days


In-class training, instructor-led, workflow-based.

What’s included?

All training sessions include lunch and a light snack. Required equipment, software, sample data and printed training materials are provided. Students are welcome to take the printed documentation with them at the end of the course.

  • Main Objectives
  • Regional Geology
  • System Requirements
  • Installing DUG Insight
  • Licence Activation
  • General User Interface
  • Survey Definition
  • Coordinate Reference Systems
  • Working with culture data (images, permit boundaries…)
  • Importing Well Data
  • Importing 2D SEG-Y Data
  • Importing 3D SEG-Y Data
  • Introducing Insight Views
  • Navigating Insight Views
  • Well Correlation
  • Editing Markers
  • Flattening to Well Tops
  • Well to Seismic Ties
  • Checkshot Correction
  • Synthetic to Seismic Ties
  • Wavelet Tools
  • Culture Data
  • Mistie Correction
  • Interpreting Horizons
  • 2D Waveform Propagation
  • Interpreting Faults
  • Seismic Correlation Polygons
  • Flattening to a Horizon
  • Volume Grouping
  • Interpreting Horizons
  • 3D Waveform Propagation
  • Interpreting Faults
  • Flattening to Multiple Horizons
  • Geometric Attributes
  • Quantitative Attributes
  • RGB Blending
  • Advanced Horizon Operations – smoothing, derivatives, snapping
  • Reviewing Fault and Horizon Interpretation
  • Creating Fault Polygons
  • Gridding Multi-Survey Horizons
  • Mapping and Contouring
  • Horizon Math & Attributes
  • Depth Conversion
  • Volumetrics
  • Probes
  • Body Detection
  • Volume Visualisation and Opacity
  • Fault Detection using Volume Attributes

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