DUG launches massive upgrade of Houston data centre

DUG launches massive upgrade of Houston data centre

Today, DUG Technology Ltd (“DUG” or the “Company”) formally launched a major upgrade of its Houston data centre. Marking a significant increase in the Company’s high performance computing (HPC) capabilities, it also reinforced DUG’s commitment to sustainable, cutting-edge technology.

DUG’s EVP Emerging Business, Stuart Strickland was joined by Hypertec’s Patrick Scateni, VP Global Sales, to announce the Company’s latest investment in 1500 new AMD EPYCTM Genoa servers, each with 192 cores and 1.5 terabytes of DDR5 memory. Hypertec, a Quebec-based global leader in cutting-edge IT solutions, provided the immersion-born hardware, enabling a seamless integration with DUG’s proprietary HPC framework.

This follows DUG’s recent deployment of 600 new Intel® Xeon® CPU Max Series machines, each equipped with 128 cores and one terabyte of RAM. In addition, all of the Company’s existing servers had a RAM upgrade to 384 gigabytes.

In total the hardware upgrades more than double the effective horsepower of DUG’s Houston data centre, supporting the growing demand for the Company’s innovative, big-data services. DUG’s Houston office has now been servicing its growing client base for over 15 years.

The upgrade of DUG’s Houston-based supercomputer, Bubba, was formally opened with a ribbon-cutting ceremony by the Hon Stephen Dawson MLA, Minister for Emergency Services; Innovation and the Digital Economy; Science; Medical Research, during his “Western Australia: USA Connect” mission to the United States.  Also present for the announcement was Christopher Skeete, Minister for the Economy in the National Assembly of Québec.

DUG joined the Western Australia (WA) trade delegation to Texas, led by Minister Dawson, which aims to establish and strengthen strategic connections through investment and trade with WA. With its focus on the energy transition and green technology the delegation visited DUG’s Houston facility as part of the tour, celebrating the WA success story.

The visiting delegation was able to witness WA innovation on a world stage with a guided tour of the award-winning data centre, learning about the Company’s proprietary, immersion-cooling technology, DUG Cool. DUG has been delivering industrial immersion-cooling solutions for over a decade with their patented DUG Cool design. DUG’s Houston facility was the DCD Awards winner of the 2019 Enterprise Data Centre Design Award.

DUG’s Managing Director Dr Matthew Lamont said: “It is very exciting to see our HPC capabilities scale in response to the increasing demand for our technology. The new hardware was purchased after extensive testing and our partners were chosen based on the unparalleled performance of their solutions. The Intel® machines are already turbocharging our new MP-FWI Imaging technology, which is having a transformative impact on the way we process seismic data. Delivering unsurpassed imaging with rapid turnaround for our clients, it is a complete replacement for the conventional processing and imaging workflow. The new Hypertec-supplied AMD machines are needed to accelerate delivery of both current and imminent projects, and to support the unprecedented demand we continue to see moving forward.”


From left: Patrick Scateni (VP Global Sales, Hypertec), Susan Harper (Consul General of Canada in Dallas), Stuart Strickland (Executive Vice President Emerging Business, DUG Technology), The Hon Christopher Skeete (Quebec Minister for the Economy, Fight Against Racism and the Laval Region), Hon Stephen Dawson MLA (Western Australian Minister for Emergency Services, Innovation and the Digital Economy, Science, Medical Research; Assisting Minister State and Industry Dev, Jobs and Trade), Andre Lamarre (Executive Vice President, Hypertec), Natasha Monks (Western Australian Invest & Trade Commissioner to Americas), Frederic Tremblay (Delegate General Government of Quebec office in Houston).

Innovative partnership for a sustainable future

DUG and Hypertec also announced a technology partnership focused on sustainable computing practices for the immersion-cooling market. The companies will collaborate to combine the energy-saving DUG Cool technology with Hypertec’s immersion-ready products to deliver seamless, cutting-edge solutions to their customers.

Patrick Scateni said, “I am thrilled to announce our new partnership with DUG. DUG’s decision highlights the unmatched technological advancements and superior performance of Hypertec immersion-born products, which are setting a new benchmark in the industry. We are proud to be recognised for our commitment to sustainable innovation and excellence.”

Dr Matthew Lamont said, “The partnership between DUG Technology and Hypertec represents a significant milestone in sustainable computing. Both companies have aligned goals of pushing the boundaries of technology while prioritising environmental responsibility. The new hardware, combined with our proprietary immersion-cooling technology, DUG Cool, will allow us to deliver unprecedented performance and efficiency. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with Hypertec.”


Main image: Ribbon cutting – (From left) The Hon Christopher Skeete (Quebec government), Patrick Scateni (Hypertec), Hon Stephen Dawson MLA (Western Australian Government) and Stuart Strickland (DUG Technology)


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