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Duct Socks and Dry Days | DUG McCloud Progress Report

Things are drying out fast in Houston, with clear skies and dry days.

Groundwork is continuing and making progress, with ducts and a concrete driveway now in place.

Inside, our electrical conduits are in place. With them, our DUG Cool system is taking shape. Many of the pipe manifolds (parts that branch into several openings) are already installed and installing the interior pipes is on schedule.

Making sure things stay cool in Houston, our air conditioning is settling in. Across the datacentre, large ducts covered with special socks span the room. Pumping cool air into the room, these keep things a chilled room temperature

The datacentre’s false floor is taking shape, starting from the southwest corner. This is a raised access floor that goes over the top of the floor’s pipes that can be lifted to access the pipework below.

The forecast is staying dry, and more updates will follow soon!

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