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Tanks for Coming | DUG McCloud Progress Report

Our specially-designed tanks have spent many months in crates at sea, travelling unfathomable distances across continents, through storms and plain sailing weather. And now they are home in Houston.

DUG tanks arrive in Houston

The first of our 722 tanks are connecting to a forest of pipes — this is where our careful planning, attention to detail, and precision pays off. One pipe just slightly out of place could throw off an entire row of 38 tanks.

Slowly, row by row, the data centre is taking shape this week. 44 tanks have been delivered and there are more on their way. The water cooling infrastructure is being connected to the tanks and it won’t be long before they are filled with our patented dielectric-fluid cooling solution ready for the servers.

Meanwhile, outside the data centre, the overhead pipes for our immense cooling towers are going up.

Stay tuned for further progress reports coming soon on the installation of cooling towers and more tank updates!

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