DUG QI/rock physics case study to be presented at Basins Workshop 2020.

We are pleased to announce that Stephen Doyle from Multi-Client Resources will be presenting a joint MCR and DUG QI/rock physics case study at the Basins Workshop which is being held at Curtin University Western Australia 3-4 December 2020.

The paper titled: Overview of a Vulcan Sub-basin QI Study using the NOVAR MC3D Data and DUG’s Rock Physics Studies is co-authored by Stephen Doyle and DUG’s Sagar Ronghe and Anne Locke.

If you’re attending the workshop you can catch Stephen’s presentation at 10.45am (AWST). It will also be available online for those registered as online delegates.

The NOVAR MC3D survey comprises of 15,200 sq km of continuous 3D seismic data over the North Vulcan Sub-basin, recently processed by DUG from 10 legacy 3D surveys through a very high end Broadband PreSDM work flow.

Using the NOVAR MC3D data Molyneux Advisors carried out a basin wide seismic interpretation study that included 9 regional horizons with over 600 interpreted faults.

DUG has also completed a petrophysics, rock physics and stochastic modelling study of 56 wells in the Vulcan Sub-basin.

Using these new data and information has allowed DUG to conduct a quantitative interpretation study comprising simultaneous inversions of the NOVAR seismic angle stacks calibrated to DUG’s rock physics analysis and modelling.  

The talk highlights the integration of DUG’s Rock Physics and QI work flows and demonstrates the value of QI products for an improved understanding of the rock and fluid properties that can assist in reducing exploration risk and high grading prospects in the Vulcan Sub-basin.

Basins Workshop 2020 will take place in the Hayden Williams Lecture Theatre Building 405 on the Bentley Campus of Curtin University. In order to maintain appropriate social distancing, and to comply with Covid-19 regulations, attendance is strictly restricted to those registered for the meeting. Register here.

By Kym Scampoli

Kym Scampoli has no idea how she ended up writing a science blog. She was dreaming of shoes one day and woke up to find herself surrounded by computers and data scientists! Kym's the manager of marketing, fun and frivolity at DUG. Her claim to fame is she managed to find kangaroos in Texas and threw a party to open DUG McCloud that was bigger than........well, Texas!