DUG wins several CCS-related projects

DUG wins several CCS-related projects

We are pleased to announce several CCS-related project awards in Denmark, Norway and the UK for TotalEnergies, Perenco, AkerBP and Wintershall Dea! We have also processed a time-lapse seismic dataset as part of a CCS project for Chevron in Western Australia. Further, our Houston team has been working on an onshore CCS project in the United States.

What is CCS?

CCS stands for Carbon Capture and Storage!

It has been used around the world for decades and involves sequestering carbon dioxide in geological formations deep underground, where it can be permanently and safely stored.

As we transition to a low-carbon-energy future, carbon sequestration will continue to be an important technology.

Geophysical expertise is crucial for both the planning and operational aspects of CCS projects.

Our advanced algorithms, DUG HPC Cloud and DUG Cool immersion will produce high-resolution images for analysis, all whilst maintaining a cost-effective and energy-efficient solution. DUG Cool cuts our power usage by over 50%!

We look forward to many more successful CCS projects with our clients.

Now, and in the future.

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