Equinor renews contract for processing and imaging technology

Equinor renews contract for processing and imaging technology

DUG Technology is very pleased to announce that Norwegian energy major Equinor has signed a multi-year renewal agreement for DUG Insight and DUG HPC Cloud

Under the three-year renewal, DUG will continue to provide its seismic data processing and imaging software via its integrated, cloud-based HPC platform. Equinor will have access to DUG’s geoscience services, flagship software DUG Insight, and HPC as-a-service. DUG’s HPCaaS capabilities have been strengthened further with the recent addition of significant, state-of-the-art hardware.

DUG Insight is a modern software solution for interactive seismic-data interpretation, visualisation and signal processing and includes DUG’s Multi-parameter FWI Imaging technology. DUG’s tailored geoscience services span all facets of seismic data processing, imaging and inversion for land, marine and ocean-bottom surveys. DUG’s patented immersion-cooling, DUG Cool, enables provision of some of the world’s most energy-efficient HPC.

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