Fugaku supercomputer extends its lead on HPC top 500 list.

Congratulations to Fugaku and Prof. Satoshi Matsuoka on being crowned the #1 supercomputer at the SC20 conference.

The Fujitsu-built Arm cpu A64FX Fugaku supercomputer, residing at the Riken Center for Computational Science in Japan, entered into uncharted territories and extended the lead it seized in the June list.

Inside HPC reported that “thanks to additional hardware, Fugaku grew its HPL performance to 442 petaflops, a modest increase from the 416 petaflops the system achieved when it debuted last June. More significantly, Fugaku increased its performance on the new mixed precision HPC-AI benchmark to 2.0 exaflops, besting its 1.4 exaflops mark recorded six months ago.”

This performance put the Fugaku supercomputer three times ahead of the number two system in the list: the IBM-built Summit.

The diversity of technologies and countries in the top 10 machines is great to see – globally HPC continues to drive innovation.

By Team DUG

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