I survived Data Science Week!

I survived Data Science Week!

Now that Data Science Week 2021 is done and dusted, what did I learn?

Well, I am always amazed at the research and industrial applications of technology that occur in WA.  Some of the highlights for me were:

  • At Data Science Week’s opening we learnt that a koala might be one of the first aliens to live on Mars! Thanks Josh Richards for a truly entertaining opening address. 
  • Mapizy uses AI to process satellite data to monitor, measure, and gleen insight from the cities we live in.
  • AI analysis of digital photos is being used to monitor fish.
  • Brainchip is creating some amazing chips to take AI to the edge.
  • AI is being used to count craters on Mars and other planets.
  • Elena and I discussed how HPC is changing to make it easier and faster to tackle Bioinformatics workloads.
  • Lots of people love our DUG Cool immersion cooling.
  • AI and big-data is playing an integral role in preserving the biodiversity in WA’s south-west.
  • There are a number of companies in WA doing fantastic AI work in health and health-related industries.  Processing any number of scans, images and medical instrument data to assist clinicians to make faster and more accurate diagnosis.
  • WA’s leadership in remote operations and sensing is driving a whole new world of technology – some of which is ending up in space!

I only managed to attend a small fraction of the presentations being offered.  With events held across Australia, it was difficult to attend them all 🙂  

It was great to see such interested in this emerging field, the research being performed and the general interest from the public.  I look forward to an expanded program next year.

By Stuart Midgley

Stuart Midgley is DUG's CIO and self-confessed "mad scientist". He holds a PhD in theoretical physics and is a world expert in high-performance computing. Stuart designed and developed the DUG Cool system of immersive cooling technology and was instrumental in the construction of DUG's world-class greenest data centres on earth. He's just as handy behind a BBQ. After all, he owns 17 of them.

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