INPEX signs up for DUG McCloud.

Dr Matthew Lamont with supercomputer Bruce

We are thrilled to announce the signing of a deal with Japanese energy company INPEX to provide HPC cycles and software using DUG McCloud.

Our Managing Director Matt Lamont said the INPEX collaboration had the potential to lead to the DUG McCloud platform being used for other INPEX projects as part of a long-term relationship.

INPEX tested the platform at our Houston office before signing the contract.

“We know that once prospective clients try the software, test the algorithms and use the platform, the inherent benefits become obvious,” Dr Lamont said.

“The momentum continues to build around our High-Performance Computing as a Service business, with several companies evaluating the benefits DUG McCloud can provide.

“We are excited that those companies assessing DUG McCloud are recognising the opportunities it presents and we are looking forward to that interest being converted into contracts.”

By Team DUG

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