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Intel publish case study on DUG’s switch to VAST Data Universal Storage.

Today Intel published a case study on why we chose to switch from HDD-based storage to VAST Data Universal Storage, powered by Intel technologies.

In selecting the storage system for our High Performance Compute as a Service (HPCaaS) offering we needed to consider the new applications that our business was evolving to support. Storage versatility and multitenancy became vitally important. Any new storage solution that we employed would need to support a broad set of requirements and to support them at exascale.

The VAST Data storage solution provides us with the capacity, performance, and reliability to provide a leadership-class customer experience for a wide diversity of new markets and customers.

In the Intel case study you can read how the storage, reliability, and ease of management afforded by VAST Data has turned storage into a strategic asset for us and has enabled us to better achieve our broader business goals.

You can read the full case study here.

Or find it on the Intel website here.