OBN video: 4 million reasons why you should give us a shot.

The Utsira 3D OBN survey, offshore Norway, is one of the largest OBN surveys ever acquired. It consists of approximately 4 million shots, 130 billion traces, and 1.5 petabytes of raw data.

That’s equivalent to 520,000 km2 of typical towed-streamer data. Thanks to our powerful high-performance compute and industry-leading algorithms we can process, image, and deliver results in record time.

Check out some of our cutting edge technologies in our short video here.

We took good care of each and every one of those 4 million shots. Maybe it’s time you give us a shot too!

For more on our OBN processing, depth and least-squares imaging, and FWI capabilities, visit our website.

By Team DUG

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