Perth Astrofest 2021: An astronomy festival of epic proportions.

Astronomy geeks, you’re in for a treat – head to the Perth Astrofest this weekend to enjoy an astronomically awesome event filled with many engaging indoor and outdoor activities!

Held on November 13 (5.30 – 9.30pm) at the Curtin Stadium (Curtin University, Bentley), the free “Parade of Planets” Astrofest event will bring members from the science community, educators and the general public together to experience, learn and enjoy astrophotography, science shows and the opportunity to get hands (read: eyes) on some of WA’s biggest telescopes.

There are heaps of fun activities at Astrofest, here are some that you can participate in:

  • Gaze into the night sky with big telescopes
  • See radio telescopes working together to discover the hidden Universe invisible to our eyes
  • Listen to real-life astronomers share what they’ve discovered in space
  • Tour the Universe with a laser guide
  • Explore the astrophotography exhibition
  • Make your own LEGO radio telescope

Pre-register now for the event and be in the chance to win a prize, which includes telescopes and a family pass to the Perth Observatory.

Have a great time at the Astrofest and don’t forget to comply with the WA State Government COVID Safety Guidelines!

By Mitchell Lim

Mitchell Lim is the latest addition to DUG’s science communication department. With a PhD in Chemical Engineering, Mitch is an expert in the fields of catalysis and ultrasonics. Full-time science geek, part-time fitness junkie, Mitch is living proof that brains and brawn are not mutually exclusive. His mission is to make science more accessible to you, while dreaming of having access to Martian land someday.