SEG20 technical presentation: An inversion-based deblending solution.

In a first for its 90 year history the SEG Annual Conference is now open as an all-virtual event. SEG20 is still bringing you the same cutting-edge technical content, but this year you can enjoy it from the comfort of your home or office.

We’re proud to be a platinum sponsor of the event, and to be featuring some of our latest results and new technologies in the technical programme.

Don’t miss Amarjeet Kumar’s presentation titled “An inversion-based deblending solution.” You can catch it live on the SEG20 meeting platform at 8.55am CDT on Wednesday October 14. Plus it will be available for viewing with your SEG registration any time until November 13.

A summary of Amarjeet’s presentation, as described in the paper authored by Amarjeet Kumar*, Gary Hampson, Neil Vice and Troy Thompson is as follows:

Blended seismic acquisition is an efficient method of surveying that can considerably reduce the cost of high-density surveys. The method results in overlapping records, analogous to seismic interference, that must be separated prior to subsequent processing. When a shot is fired on top of weak signal from an earlier shot, recovery of that signal is a well-known, significant challenge.

We have designed a novel iterative-relaxation inversion algorithm to slowly reconstruct the deblended shot records from the blended input. High-quality results were obtained using our algorithm on real marine streamer, ocean-bottom node and land datasets.

A presentation not to be missed!

By Team DUG

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