Multi-Client Resources (MCR), in collaboration with DUG, has delivered a massive, high-resolution, 3D seismic reprocessing project over the hydrocarbon-prolific Northern Carnarvon Basin.

The BEX Multi-client 3D provides, for the first time, a seamless and consistent high-resolution 3D seismic dataset covering Australia’s largest gas reserves over a 25,570 squared kilometres area across the Barrow Sub-basin and Exmouth Plateau.

The BEX MC3D survey encompasses the merging and reprocessing of over 37,000 squared kilometres of 3D marine seismic data. It incorporates 23 legacy 3D surveys processed by DUG from field tapes through an extensive high-end flow, including deghosting, 3D SRME, 3D IME, regularisation, least-squares anisotropic preSDM and MP-FWI model-building and imaging. With preserved relative amplitudes the data can be reliably used as input to AVA analysis and pre-stack inversion workflows.

For further information please contact: Stephen Doyle +61 404 640 867 [email protected]

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