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DUG continues speedy delivery on massive Utsira project.

We have just completed the final pre-stack depth migration for the southern area of the Utsira 3D OBN Survey, in less than one week. 

This huge migration comprised over 10 billion input traces. This surely ranks as one of the largest depth migrations ever run, and one of the fastest with respect to turnaround time.

All thanks to our powerful HPC, industry-leading algorithms and DUG McCloud.

You can read more about the Utsira project here.

And check out our video here.

Kristian Zahl, VP sales with Axxis Geo Solutions (AGS), said in the 2019 ExproNews article announcing the ‘ultimate survey’: “With an enormous amount of data, DUG was one of few processing centres that has the necessary capacity.”

Our MD, Matt Lamont said delivery of the Utsira OBN survey results reflected the skill and expertise offered by the company and its HPCaaS. “DUG McCloud is perfectly set up for running very large data projects, very quickly”.

For more on our OBN processing, depth and least-squares imaging, and FWI capabilities, visit ‘Services’ on our website.