DUG Insight: ultra-high-resolution processing and imaging.

DUG Insight is a modern, intuitive, interactive and extensible software platform for advanced seismic data processing and imaging for marine, ocean-bottom, and land surveys, as well as traditional interpretation, visualisation and pre-stack data analysis. 

Insight provides a complete workflow of seismic processing technologies including industry-leading inversion-based deblending, state-of-the-art high-frequency full waveform inversion (FWI) and least-squares imaging.

Extremely dense sample rates? Not an issue.

Insight also comes ready out-of-the-box for ultra-high-resolution processing. Check out the images below!


Details on slices that are previously obscured in a conventional survey (left) are now apparent in a high-resolution survey (right). Data courtesy of Lundin Energy/Spirit Energy.


Compared to a conventional survey (top), data processed from a high-resolution survey (bottom) shows a drastic increase in temporal and spatial resolution. Data courtesy of Lundin Energy/Spirit Energy.


Insight is available for commercial use—you can choose to run the software using your own hardware or using our HPC. You can opt to have it delivered as a traditional service project too! 

If you’d like to get a quote or more information, please contact #TeamDUG at sales@dug.com


Main picture: High-resolution acquisition, processing and imaging can deliver a step-change in resolution. This is demonstrated by this example of a legacy survey (left) and a high-resolution survey (right) processed using DUG Insight. Data courtesy of Lundin Energy/Spirit Energy.

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