Image Gather Processing

The Image Gather Processing module provides an indispensable toolkit for analysing and processing image gathers. It includes essential tools such as velocity and RMO picking, NMO and RMO correction, gains, muting, stacking, Tau-P deconvolution, Radon and FX transforms and more.

  • 3D dip and azimuth
  • Structurally-oriented filtering
  • Velocity modelling (from checkshots)
  • Low-frequency model building
  • Stacking of gathers
  • Angle and offset muting of gathers
  • Velocity picking (from gathers)
  • AGC and other gains (stacks and gathers)
  • Band-pass filtering (stacks and gathers)
  • NMO correction
  • Advanced RMO picking
  • RMO correction
  • Delta model building
  • Convolution and deconvolution
  • Radon transform
  • Dip filter
  • FK transform
  • FX deconvolution
  • Q filter
  • Correlation and autocorrelation

DUG Technology