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High Voltage Houston: Powering DUG McCloud

What does a huge geophysically-configured supercomputer in a purpose-built exascale compute facility need most? Power.

More specifically, nearly 40,000 volts of energy direct from the Utility, then converted to 415 volts and high current fed into the computers.

When fully installed, the initial DUG McCloud Houston datacentre will use 15 megawatts of power continuously. In other words, Bubba will use 15 MWh (megawatt-hours) every hour. That’s a lot of energy.

To handle this amount of energy from the utility requires specialised equipment. That’s where our high voltage concrete pad fits in.

Three solid feet of concrete to hold the on/off switch. Ten feet deep, concrete encased duct-banks to bring in the high voltage cable.

Then there are the four feet thick concrete pads, each designed to support a three-story cooling tower on windy Houston days.

Once we get the power and water into the room, the water has to be reticulated around the room. Luckily, our skilled contractors are artists…

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