HPC Hour – Data Science Evolution of HPC: the Cheetah is Changing its Spots.

To celebrate Data Science Week, Perth friends and colleagues are invited to network and learn with us as we share ideas and celebrate HPC and science. Join us for a special presentation from Dr Elena Denisenko and Dr Stuart Midgley titled: Data Science Evolution of HPC: the Cheetah is Changing its Spots. It will be held at DUG’s Perth office, Thursday 13 May at 3pm.

Traditionally high-performance computing has been the realm of physicists, chemists and astrophysicists who have dominated the usage of the largest computing systems in the world. Then along comes non-traditional HPC users like bioinformaticians who use and analyse data in a completely new and novel way. HPC systems are now evolving to meet their needs, developing new hardware and software products, allowing their more sophisticated data usage.

Dr Elena Denisenko is a bioinformatician with over ten years of experience working in industry and academia. She is the Bioinformatics Lead at the Systems Biology and Genomics Laboratory at the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research, UWA. Dr Denisenko works in the fields of single-cell sequencing and spatial transcriptomics data analysis and interpretation, and most of her time is dedicated to the Western Australian Cancer Single Cell Consortium, which brings together oncologists and cancer researchers across Perth.

Dr Stuart Midgley has a PhD in Theoretical Physics, is a world expert in high performance computing (HPC). Stuart designed and developed the DUG Cool system of immersive cooling technology, and was instrumental in the construction of DUG’s supercomputer facility at Skybox in Houston. He is a self-confessed computer nerd who loves staying up-to-date with the latest technology.

If you’d like to join us for this exciting and informative presentation which will be followed by refreshments and opportuntities to network with other HPC enthusiasts, you can register here.

During Data Science Week we will also be conducting daily tours of our Perth data centre where you can see one of the greenest data centres on Earth for yourself, and learn about our innovative DUG Cool immersion cooling technology. Register for a free tour here.

By Kym Scampoli

Kym Scampoli has no idea how she ended up writing a science blog. She was dreaming of shoes one day and woke up to find herself surrounded by computers and data scientists! Kym's the manager of marketing, fun and frivolity at DUG. Her claim to fame is she managed to find kangaroos in Texas and threw a party to open DUG McCloud that was bigger than........well, Texas!