HPC Hour – Deep Learning in Geosciences: Applications and Trends.

Update: Thur 28 April, 2021. Please note due to COVID restrictions in Perth this week, this event has been reschduled to Thursday June 10, 2021.

Perth friends and colleagues are invited to network and learn with us as we share ideas and celebrate HPC and science. Join us for a special presentation from Dr Vladimir Puzyrev titled: Deep Learning in Geosciences: Applications and Trends. It will be held at DUG’s Perth office, Thursday 10 June at 3pm.

Deep learning methods have achieved great success in various areas including computer vision, speech recognition, natural language processing, robotics, bioinformatics, chemistry, finance, and many others. When applied to geophysical data, these technologies have the potential to completely transform various problems in data processing, simulation, inversion and interpretation. In this talk, we will present several applications of machine learning in geosciences and discuss how artificial intelligence and big data are changing the sector.

We are excited by Dr Puzyrev’s presentation – we know this talk will be of great interest to many.

Dr Puzyrev is Senior Research Fellow at the School of Earth and Planetary Sciences of Curtin University and Curtin University Oil and Gas Innovation Centre (CUOGIC). Prior to joining Curtin in 2016, Vladimir worked as a postdoctoral and senior researcher at Barcelona Supercomputing Center on the development of a high-performance framework for inversion of large-scale geophysical data. Now he is responsible for applications of artificial intelligence and deep learning in geosciences at CUOGIC. His research interests also include computational electromagnetics, numerical methods for PDEs, sparse linear solvers, and high-performance computing.

If you’d like to join us for this informative presentation, which will be followed by networking and refreshments, drop us an email at hpchour@dug.com.

By Team DUG

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