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People of DUG McCloud

The people of DUG McCloud

DUG McCloud is up and running — but the work doesn’t end there. There are more plans in place and projects in progress.

Worldwide, our global cloud network is powered by the latest Intel technology, and DUG’s cutting edge data centre architecture.

But the key to DUG McCloud’s success is its people.

Leading the way, we have a chief engineer designing and managing the infrastructure under construction, a systems architect responsible for the design and development of our innovative DUG Cool tech, a full team of talented IT technicians, and many more people besides — all who deserve credit for this technological and engineering feat.

As DUG McCloud’s demand grows, so too does our need for highly skilled HPC and IT professionals. DUG is currently building our team, and you could be part of it.

In DUG McCloud’s home town of Houston, we are hiring for a McCloud Technical Specialist. This is a challenging and critical role for a person with exceptional HPC experience and client communication skills.

Around the world, in Houston, Perth, London or KL, we are hiring  HPC Consultants to port, optimise and tune codes for optimal performance on the cloud, as well as working with our customers to achieve their successful use of DUG McCloud.

Plus there are many many other roles available for exceptional people looking for new challenges.

If you are interested in high-performance computing, being on the cutting edge of innovation, and working on one of the most powerful supercomputers on earth, get in touch today and you could be a part of the DUG McCloud team.

There’s some exciting times ahead for everyone involved.