WA 2050: People, Place, Prosperity.

WA 2050: People, Place, Prosperity.

The WA 2050 report has just been released!

Published by The University of Western Australia’s Public Policy Institute (UWA PPI), the new report lays out what is at stake across the next three decades and the most promising ways to boost the future of WA.

We need long-term visionary plans for increasing migration, and creative, interconnected urban development to house the State’s projected population in safe, green, spaces with well-serviced infrastructure,” said UWA PPI Director Professor Shamit Saggar.

More than 50 contributors across business, government and higher education participated in the ground-breaking report. It encompasses three overlapping themes: the future of West Australians, the transformation of physical place and environment, and the challenges and opportunities facing WA’s prosperity.

Team DUG is proud to be one of the contributors to this valuable report and we are grateful for this opportunity!

Responding to Professor Eun-Jung Holden and Professor Mark Reynolds’s great piece on the significance of responsible and ethical big-data usage, titled “Responsible data-driven decisions for modern society” (p. 59), DUG Chief Information Officer Dr Stuart Midgley said: “The increasingly data-driven nature of decision making and knowledge transformation not only highlights the fundamental importance of accessible high-performance computing (HPC) resources, but also thrusts the need for environmentally sustainable computing into the spotlight. To address the growing requirements of WA’s society and the associated challenges, reliable, well-supported, green HPC is paramount.

Read the full report here.


Main picture: Screengrab of the WA 2050 report. Photo credits: UniPrint, UWA. Report edited by: Shamit Saggar, Rebecca Rey and Christopher Lin

By Mitchell Lim

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