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Really Big Fans | DUG McCloud Progress Report

Really big fans

DUG McCloud’s progress just kicked into high gear this week. While we wait for PDUs to connect everything, the power is humming.

it’s no secret we’re really big fans of our facility’s cooling towers. What helps to make them the coolest around are their own fans.

Each of the 10 enormous cooling towers has a four-metre fan that helps to remove heat energy from the water that is running through the data centre’s water loop.

The water loop, in turn, helps to keep our submerged servers DUG Cool.

This week, water softeners were installed in the cooling towers. These work just like in your washing machine: they help to prevent the buildup of limescale from hard water, which can clog pipes and stop fans from spinning effectively.

There is a twist with our water softeners: we won’t turn them on for several months yet. In this situation, we want the fans to develop a healthy coating of limescale because it will protect them from something more damaging: rust.

Our Houston data centre at Skybox opens in just over two weeks! Watch this space for updates as we get ready to open the doors.