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How to make your HPC resolutions a reality.

Well, here we are in 2021, somewhat bruised and battered by 2020, but quietly optimistic for the year ahead. It is the time to goal-set for the new year – to prioritise what’s important. Goals are important for personal growth, but also professional. 

So, we ask, what are your 2021 resolutions? Can your choice of HPC provider help you turn a resolution into reality?

Are you working towards a greener footprint this year? Maybe it’s time to ask your compute provider what their datacentre green credentials are?  Or what their PUE is?

Is efficiency and productivity your goal? Could this be achieved with  easier-to-use hardware, languages, compilers, and great support?

Perhaps you have extremely ambitious data requirements this year, so all you’re looking for is more, more, more compute?

Or is better storage the answer? Want the fastest and lowest latency? Perhaps you need resilience?

Now you know what HPC networking is, perhaps that’s got salivating?

Or do you just want to focus on your research? Is your resolution to try to divest yourself of time-consuming onboarding and code optimisation so you can spend more time on the science? Do you dream of just using HPC as a tool and leave all the complications behind?

At DUG, we resolve to help more clients achieve their science and research goals. We are looking forward to a year of growth, investing and innovating in new technologies, making big ideas a reality, and paving the way for our clients and customers to realise their true HPC potential.

If that fits in with your goals, give us a call!