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Crates, Pipes & Stands | DUG McCloud Progress Report

DUG McCloud’s build in Houston is coming together astonishingly quickly now, and there’s no time to waste with preamble.

Our compute nodes are arriving in Houston from all over the world, having safely travelled thousands of kilometres. Soon they will be carefully unpacked from their crates and in the coming days installation will begin. Stay tuned for pictures and updates!

Inside the data centre, a veritable forest of pipes has grown. 1,444 cooling pipes to be exact, each one rising from precision-cut holes in the floor. With this many pipes it’s easy to see why every detail has to be perfect.

Next week the cooling tanks start to go in, so there’s no room for error — and no chance that everything doesn’t connect.

Outside the data centre, 6-metre high pipe stands have now taken up sentry duty — these will support pipes coming from our immense cooling towers, which are expected to go into position later this month.

Bubba’s new home in Houston is taking shape, don’t miss next week’s updates when it will begin to more closely resemble what we think of as a DUG data centre.

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